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Need some help on razor id.

Just picked this lot off of ebay.

What the seller knows, not much other than one is a shick? One is a Gentleman Jon.

I know there's a Gillette flair tip super speed and a fatboy. Only reason I bought the lot!

So I have no idea as far as which one is the shick and no idea as to what the three others are?

Anyone care to speculate?

Possibly a Gillette Old type in the second picture and a Fatboy (or maybe slim) in the both pictures. I passed along my Fatboy, so I am only going by memory.
i don't see a Schick in this lot. I see a Fatboy, Flare Tip and Old Type but the rest look like modern as stated above. Fatboys are going for a pretty high price now days so depending on what the lot cost you might be in good shape. That is if the Fatboy is in decent working order.
Cheap lot! Basically the cost of a decent flair tip. Figured I'll keep the flair tip and fatboy and give the rest out for xmas to my boys?
Congratulations, you got a nice lot. Often a lot will have a few good ones mixed in with inexpensive razors. The Fatlboy & Old Type are, IMHO, the two best shaving razors in the bunch. Giving some away as gifts is a great idea! Maybe you can convert someone, how fortunate for them!
Hello, the teft to right photo:
Most likely German of French flat combed razor
Weishi type TTO
Unknown Chinese three piece
TV Special Superspeed
Parker 99
Thank you! I figured out the Weishi, was not sure about the combed razor, and ah a parker! Thanks for the info!
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