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Need Soap Recommendation

the usual, not in a particular order... of course, YMMV
Tabac - excellent Amazon.com : Tabac Original By Maurer & Wirtz For Men. Shaving Soap Bowl 4.4 Ounces : Shaving Soap Tallow : Beauty
Haslinger - excellent + Search - haslinger
MWF Amazon.com: Mitchells Wool Fat Shaving Soap Refill (125 g): Beauty
Pre de Provence - inexpensive and good Amazon.com: pre de provence shave soap
Le Pere Lucien - better than MdC, imo Buscar - Yourshaving.com
and/or Buscar - Yourshaving.com
WM. Newmann - very, very good Wm. Neumann & Co. | Wm. Neumann & Co. Fine Apothecary for Men
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+1 for Proraso and Cella
Also +1 for Mitchell's Wool Fat, although it requires a little different lathering technique than the other soaps I've used. I face lather and after I load the brush I have to add water a few times while building the later. The small extra effort is worth it :)
I think I might try Mitchell's wool fat and Tabac original. After I try those out I might go truefit and hill 1805 and quite possibly martin de candre. Keep the recommendations coming!!
There are so many wonderful shave soaps out there today, and we all have personal favorites.
For me, .... Cella, Proraso, Haslinger's, and RazoRock. For others, you'll get different replies.
If budget is not a problem, order five different soaps from a reputable merchant, try them out, and have fun !
This is a wonderful hobby, and the soaps and/or creams you use can be limitless. Have a great time !
Everyone like different scents, and lathers soaps differently. Unfortunately you need to try them to find what works best for you.

I would recommend the following soaps:
Henri et Victoria
Midnight and Two
Tabac is a no-brainer here, however be ready to be shocked by its scent. At first, I hated it but it quickly grew on me. Performance wise, it's definitely one of the best soaps.

I also agree with the MWF and Cella recommendations.

I also HIGHLY recommend DR Harris soaps, either Arlington or Windsor. A bit pricey but you will not be disappointed!
All of the suggestions here are great. Let me add another one that is not mainstream.

Razorock The Dead Sea.

This is a phenomenal soap. It gives me almost as great of a shave as my number one rated soap, which is tabac.
You have a great list above. My personal favorites are Haslingers (every one that I have tried has been top-notch), MWF and MdC.
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