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Need Soap Recommendation for Hard Water

Hi all. I'm normally a cream user. I live in a very hard water area but I've always been able to get creams to perform well. I currently use Musgo and Taylor's Eaton.

Does anyone have an opinion on how C&E soaps would work with hard water? There is a soap shop in our local mall that sells these soaps plus my beloved Musgo cream and A/S balm and I'm thinking of trying the C&E hard soap.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
If there is an Art of Shaving store in your mall, I would try one of those instead. If you don't have an AoS, Bloomingdales, Nordstroms and Neiman Marcus frequently carry them as well.
I have had good results with Proraso green and Klar Kabinett, they produce nice rich lather even with my moderately hard water, albeit require a bit more work (loading) than various creams that I use. Haven't tried the C&E soaps though.
a water softener (even a cheap rental) will make a huge differance.. not only for shaving, showering, shampooing, washing clothes, dishwasher, etc..
I think most people order online, which helps with limited selection. It has done wonders for my den.

I have hard water too and my favourite soap would probably be valobra almond. Seriously, it is great stuff. Great scent, thick and slick lather, and very responsibly priced.
Yeah, I usually order on-line but since there was a store with some quality product nearby, for which I have a coupon, I thought I'd give something they carry a go. At the very least I can stock up on Musgo.
Hello Foyle,

Where in Wisconsin are you?

Does C&E carry Musgo?

I am going to Appleton Barber's Supply tomorrow to see what they have there.
The Milwaukee area. The store is called Soaps and Scents in Mayfair Mall. The carry Musgo, C&E, and a few other brands I can't remember, some French soaps and creams I believe. They don't have a huge selection but it's a quality selection. They also carry a few brushes, no razors though.

It's kind of a girlie store but I'll voyage in for my Musgo.
Well Thank you, that is nice to know.

I am 60 miles north in Fond du Lac. I will be going to Milwaukee in the near future and will be sure to check that out.

I just tried Musgo out Friday and tonight and it is fantastic. I am not familiar with Nomad or Sienna, but I do like MWF.

I also am in hard water country and find less water and face lathering works fantastic.
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