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Short background--my family all had covid last Christmas and we all lost our sense of smell. It's mostly come back for all of us, but we all seem to have some degree of parosmia. For me, it's peanut butter (smells a little fishy) and coffee (smells like rotting meat--I can't handle it at all anymore). Anyway, my wife seems to still have the most smell disorders.

With that background, here's my dilemma. My wife's favorite aftershave on me has always been Clubman Pinaud. As fall is upon us, I've started wearing it daily and noticed she wasn't breathing in deeply when we hugged and I wasn't getting the normal "you smell good" comments. So I mentioned it, then asked her to smell the bottle. Sadly, she said it smelled like a rotten lime, then started to cry because it was just one more reminder of the long-term effects of the illness.

I asked her to smell my various soaps/colognes to see if any of them smelled good to her. She thought PdP no. 63 and Proraso Red were fine but she didn't love them. The PdP 63 EdT was "ok" but she mostly picked up spicy notes. She also thought Jaipur was ok, but it smelled citrusy. Stirling Coconut Lime just smelled like soap, Razorock XXX smelled "very harsh" and, funny enough, Tabac was the only one she seemed to smell correctly with the strong floral notes (and no, she didn't love it).

My goal now is to try a couple of aftershaves that are woody or light fougere (since that was the one direction things were fine) as I try to find a scent that will resonate with her. I know I could take her to the men's EdT counter at the mall and have her smell things until she found something she liked, but I fear that would just be overwhelming to her nose. Since I'm probably going to have a decent amount of trial and error, does anyone know where I can just buy samples?

Check out stirling seems like most products are offered in sample sizes. Sorry to read about the long COVID experience and I hope things are more on the up swing.
Good suggestion. I did a little searching and saw Captains Choice has a sampler so I ordered it. I’ll see if Stirling also has a sampler pack.
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