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Need Naming Help for New Club

Greetings fellow shavers! So I've been collecting and using lather catchers for a while, and during this time I've thought about creating a club/brotherhood/group around these amazing razors. I've done some research, and The Century Club is the closest group I've come across that highlights these beauties.

But before I start a thread in the Clubs and Brotherhood area with the name of the group, I need a name for the group. That's where you all come in. Several gentleman have made suggestions (and they are very good ones), but I wanted to open up the floor a bit to see what other suggestions are out there. Please keep in mind that the group will be centered on Lather Catchers, and there are extra points for a catchy acronym as well. Here are some suggestions from a very creative person on the Micromatic Monday thread:

Looney for lather catchers.
Lather catcher lovers.
Lather catcher lovers anonymous.
League of the lather catchers.
Lather catchers lodge.

Or combos from above ie.
Lather catcher lovers lodge.
League of lather catcher lovers.
Lodge for the league of looney lather catcher lovers.

Other thoughts (playing just off of Catchers)
The Lather Catchers Club
Clan of the Lather Catchers
The Catchers Clan
The Catcher Club

Lather Catchers Society (LatCats)
Society of Lather Catchers

Okay, you get the idea....there are tons of ideas. If you don't have a new suggestion, then let me know which one(s) from above "catches" your fancy! :lol1:

I'll choose one (eventually) and start the club in the proper section....for now, I figure since Lather Catchers are single edge razors, this is the best place to solicit naming input.


association of lather catcher adorers tracking razors around the sphere or ALCATRAS (I couldn't find a Z word)
Troop of the Lather Catchers. TLC
Catching Lather And Shaving Stubble (or Hair) CLASS (or CLASH)
Shear Bliss or Force or Madness or Delight . . .
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@pelicanachic, I thought The Century Club was pretty creative as well, but these days it encompasses a whole lot more than Lather Catchers -- and every year more razors SE, DE (and of course, Straights) get added. Plus that club is already in existence and even back in the old days (2012) when it started, it had a lot of non-LC entries.

I have to say, you guys are coming up with some creative stuff -- I hadn't counted on having such a difficult decision to make. I should never underestimate this forum!
Hi @Flintstone65,

Pray tell, is this Razor I purchased today (6/19/19) considered a "Lather Catcher" ?

Congrats, that is a beautiful razor, and I think you’re going to really like the way it shaves....I have a similarly cased-one and it’s an awesome razor!!!

As to your question....ummm....well.....not in the strictest sense. It’s a 1914 Ever Ready, sometimes called the Little Lather Catcher, but it’s generally not considered a true lather catcher. The “cupping” structure looks right, but it is really more decorative or vestigial — the head doesn’t really drain the lather into the catcher.

The new club will start with a definition of Lather Catchers and their features, and the 1914 is actually called out as an excellent razor (I love the way mine shaves, and I wouldn’t let it go), but it’s not really a Lather Catcher. Hope this helps, and hope you will join in the discussion as we kick off the new group. This topic will undoubtedly provide some discussion.
The Association of Lather Catchers: TALC has been launched!!! This was a VERY difficult choice -- there were so many great and creative options, and the longer I left this thread open the more difficult the choice became. The final choice was @bobmsp's entry: it's clear, concise, and makes a short but catchy acronym. Thank you all -- and I hope you'll visit TALC soon!!!