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So Im seeking advice. I normally face leather which is ok I don't mind it. I'd like to use a mug and be able to warm it up and have a warm shave I can warm it up fine. The problem is I only use one arm thank god Im right handed lol. I have very mind cp or cerbal palsy . When I face leather I use Mikes natural soap the puck which I put in a soap box and put a wash cloth underneath it to keep it from sliding around which works well. With the mug I tried to put in in the sink that failed i even tried to hold it with my left arm that failed and wasn't warm. So I need Ideas as to what I can do to stabilize the mug Because I'd really like to have a warm shave ha
Hey Cardsfan28, what's the layout of the shaving area? Do you share the space with a significant other (do you need to hide it when you are not using it?)? Is there counter space around the sink? If so is it a convenient height to lather if you manage to nail down a soap dish on it? Do you rent or own (in case you want to modify the counter)?

I'd say the solution is to create a space on the counter surrounding the sink where a soap dish can be secured rigidly. Think about the conditions you want and then think about the easiest way to get there.

You want a hot lather. This means a way of heating the soap and or bowl, securing a bowl for lathering, and removing the bowl for clean up.

If a bowl or mug is on the counter is the height usable? Does the bowl or mug need to be tilted for use?

You might find a heavy bowl or mug might stay put on one of those sticky rubber pads they make to keep iphone from sliding off dashboards. Something like that wold be the simplest solution. If you keep a pyramid shape in mind this would work. The smallest stainless pet dish would do. These sometimes have a rubber ring around the bottom that would help. I have seen small solid plastic pet dishes in nice colors too, that are wider at the base.

You could make a board with a hole routed in it to hold the mug or bowl. The board could be permanently adhered to the counter, or temporarily clamped the the counter at the edge. The board could be wedge shaped if having the bowl at an angle would make lathering easier.

You could route a hole in the counter and set the bowl flush. If you get this crazy you could install an electric heating bit under the sunk bowl (damn this is has to happen in my bathroom).

Hope this gives you some ideas.
Another thought. Claim the top drawer of the vanity. Attach a board across the inside front with a hole routed in it for a bowl to set in.

Open the drawer, wet the soap, lather up, shave, remove and rinse the bowl, return bowl and close drawer.

I like this one if it is not too low of a reach. You could even get a tall scuttle to set in the hole if you want to get crazy luxurious hot lather.
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Check out the cat dish Idea too. They really don't look like pet dishes and have the wide base that will help make it sit on the counter while you lather.
Asked the wife where she got the blue dish I was thinking of. She said it was a rabbit dish she got from either a grocery store or agway.

Don't see any like it online but it was shaped like the strawberry one below, just a tad smaller but deeper. Here are a few interesting rabbit/rodent bowls that should sit on a counter for lathering, maybe with one of those no-slip pads. Check out your local pet store.



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