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Need help with pigeons!

My uncle raised a bunch of pheasant one year for Thanksgiving. He kept them in one of his smaller hen houses, all to them selves. When the time came, they were too wild to catch by hand, so we sat in the corner with air rifles and plucked them off when they sat still long enough. The craziest "hunt" I've ever been on!:lol: They did taste a lot better than any wild pheasant I've had.
A decoy owl would be your best bet, Andy. It's important to get one that moves occasionally, like turning its head, and I'm pretty sure they're available. The drawback might be that a bunch of crows might show up to mob your decoy; they hate owls.

Knocking them off is an option, too. Just be VERY careful about your shots and where they'll end up. A good air rifle or pistol would be best for this.

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