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Need help with a new pack

Presumably Kodrua is a take on Dupont's Cordura product. I use a lot of Cordura bags for diving and motorcycling and love the durability, but the ergonomics can be pretty terrible. It's tough but not the most flexible of products. I'd suggest them for harsh environments or very heavy usage (salt water, sun exposure, dirty/rocky environment, etc). My gear bags for the bike and diving are just as good as the day I bought them and they've seen some seriously hard usage (seven years daily commuting on the bike in some of the harshest sun you're going to find). They aren't going to win any fashion statements but they do the job admirably whereas cotton/wool bags tend to die pretty quickly by comparison.

Two of my three bike jackets are also Cordura and they've worn very well. They don't have the life of a good leather jacket and you have to dispose of them after an off but they are cheaper and more abundant nowadays than good leather.

My weight belt for diving is a nylon weave with Cordura pockets.
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