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Need help to ID straights

My mother went to a flea market recently and picked up a few straights for me. I won't be able to get them until I go home to visit in a few weeks but my wife sent me pictures. The first is a Friedr Herder, from what I got from the WIKI at Straightrazorplace (http://www.straightrazorplace.com/srpwiki/index.php/Herder,_Friedr._Abr._Sohn_GmbH) . The blade says Friedr.Abr.Sohn and Square 77. The markings, according to SRP, put it at 1895, but I don't think I'm doing it right because it can't be this old and in this kind of shape to be sold cheaply at a flea market.
That's a very nice looking straight from a good Solingen maker. The age could very well be right. It's hard to comment on the price because you didn't say what was paid for it but an ebay price would be anywhere between $40- $80 I think. It looks a good size blade as well.
The second says "Bengal" (with one "L", not two) on the blade and "Fermarud" on the scales. I can't find anything else about it on the web. Again, any information about the company, a possible date range for this, and if this would be a good shaver would be greatly appreciated.
This last one, I don't hold out a lot of hope to find out much about. The markings on the blade are really corroded, but it almost looks like it says "Claus" or something like that in cursive print. There don't seem to be anything on the scales.

Edit: After further digging, it looks a lot like the Clauss Extra Barbers Special on SRP (http://www.straightrazorplace.com/srpwiki/index.php/Clauss_%22Extra_Barbers_Special"_11/16). I will measure them when I get them in a few weeks.
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Bengall was spelt with one L and two L's. The actual company is TR Cadman and Sons. They were a good Sheffield maker.
Johnmrson, you are some kind of ninja to reply to both of these so fast. Thank you for the quick replies and great information. I will find out later how much my mother paid for all of these, but I think they were about $15 for all three. Is there a way to find out more about the date? I know the symbols on the Friedr.Herder match up with the date range on SRP, but it seems to be in such great shape and my wife says it's amazingly sharp (but I doubt it's shave ready, that would be asking too much). Would any of these be good razors to start straight razor shaving with? I've been DE shaving for almost a year and will be making the change to a straight when I get home from Korea in June.
Dating straight razors can be very difficult. They dont have date codes like alot of DE's. They also didn't change in design. Unless you know the dates that a particular model or marking was used, then you're pretty stuck.
Judging by your photos, I would think that all three would be very useable after they've been honed up. $15 for all 3 is a real bargain. Tell your MIL to go back and buy you some more if they are that cheap.
Fermarud was a brand name of the manufacturer Gebrüder Lang (or Gebr. Lang) located in Solingen, Germany. Bengal was a Fermarud razor model. The company was in business from 1848 to at least 1922 and probably later. The razor looks closer to that 1922 date than the 1800's.
Any solingen razor should be good.
Thank you all for the information. I still have lots of reading to do before I start shaving with any of these, along with things to buy and get them sent off for restoration and honing and such, but I can't wait to put these these to use.


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I think I only saw one Bengal spelt with one L instead of 2 LL (Bengall vs. Bengal). Those are not exactly common (1 L) but they exists.

Good score, all 3, have them clean up and honed!
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