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Need Help to Choose Carbon Base Plate in Titanium

Hi gents,

Hope you all doing great.

I am asking for your help to choose the right base plate for me for a Carbon one in Titanium. I’ve already read a lot about them on different forum and YouTube video, but just wanted to have your opinion based on the following. From what I’ve read and saw so far no one was comparing them with some of the razor I have. I’ve read that the original one is probably more blade feely than some would preferred but that you can ride the cap for a smoother shave. On the other side I’ve read that the original one have a bit more blade chattering then the + and ++ plate. Some preferred the + and ++ plate because they had a bit less blade chatter and blade exposure.

I am questioning myself if I’m taking the Cx-Graphite version or the regular Ti… any thoughts?

I can give you a list of the razor in my rotation (some are used more then other) if you can have an idea of what I use and what you would recommend if you have similar razors in your rotation.

Blackland Blackbird Titanium
Blackland Vector Titanium
Blackland Era Lvl 5 SB
Blackland Sabre Lvl 2
Gillette Goodwill
Henson Aggressive Titanium
Karve Overlander Brass
Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements DOC SS
Raw Shaving RS-10
Raw Shaving RS-5 (both plates)
Razorock Lupe DLC
Razorock Wunderbar
Razorock Hawk Original
Razorock Baby Smooth Titanium
Razorock Game Changer 0.68
Razorock Game Changer 0.84
Razorock Game Changer JAWS 0.84
Razorock Mamba 0.70
Rex Ambassador
Timeless Aluminum

Every Razorock one are used on titanium handle except the Lupo DLC

Thanks everyone for your input helping me out which to choose.

Really appreciated
I’d suggest you not buy it at all. You have quite a pricey collection of high-end stuff already. Perhaps you could perfect your technique and enjoy what you have.
I’d suggest you not buy it at all. You have quite a pricey collection of high-end stuff already. Perhaps you could perfect your technique and enjoy what you have.

I know I have quite a few razors. That being said, I’ve started to narrow down my collection and decided on which one I want to keep and/or sell. I really like titanium razor and like the look of the Carbon and is web plate. I already have a DLC razor but I like the look of the Cx-Graphite Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon finish with his slicker surface then the Lupo.

So far, I’m hesitating between the Original plate and the “+” plate. Still continuing my investigation while waiting if more people are gonna write their thoughts.

Edit: I’ve been wet shaving with straight for more than 20 and DE for 5 years. Technique isn’t an issue. I very very rarely get a bad shave.
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Sign up for the pass around. R3 Ti in web ++ and SS R2 with all the plates is going around. Even come with Eleven Barbershop Soap and Splash and Blades. Pass around is going on Dame Fine Shave.
MountainBear knows the Carbon razors well. I happen to own 2 .68 web Ti, one + and one ++. I also have a .68 copper. For me, having shaved with all plates, the clear winner is the .68. Why, I have a coarse beard and shave often. The .68 gives me more control due to blade exposure. Want a mild shave, ride the cap. Want a more aggressive shave, ride the safety bar.

That being said, many people like the .88 (+). I like it, I like the ++ and the - . But I always prefer the .68 for the reasons listed above.

And by the way, the web plates seem to only lighten the razor by 2 grams on my scale. So my + and ++ plates are not web based but are Ti. I can’t notice the difference between 48 and 50 grams.
Based on your experience and wants, I think it makes sense to go for both the original and + plate.

Maybe you want to go for the original plate first and then decide if you want the + plate. You could also get them in different metals since you are not buying the razor because you need it.

And since you have 2 decades worth experience with straight razors under your belt, I don't think the original plate will be of any issue for you. Or any DE/SE razors for that matter. It comes down to what you prefer in terms of metal, finish, and look.
My advice would be to get steel or copper for this razor, or perhaps a different razor altogether. The titanium version is extremely lightweight - and even more so with the web base plate or the carbon handle. To me it was a disappointment and it felt like a cheap plastic toy. Maybe you like super light razors better than me, but aside from the poor feel of the razor it also caused the shave feel to be overwhelmed by vibrations and made the razor skip and bounce.

I had the standard plate and to me it felt too bladey for the amount of efficiency it has - maybe the light titanium also contributed to this feel, but I suspect it is a bit bladey and not that efficient anyway, so perhaps the + or - versions would have given a better shave. I’ve heard positive things about both, and that the - plate isn’t necessarily less efficient.

I really didn’t get along with this razor in titanium. Just one person’s opinion and preferences, of course.
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Hey Gentleman’s,

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve bought a Copper version recently and just got it a couple of days ago. I got a + plate (with the copper razor) along with a standard SS plate just to try it. So far I’m so much enjoying the + plate that I still haven’t tried the standard one. I have tried the + plate on 3 days of growth, 2 days of growth, 1.5 day and tried it 3 times as a daily driver.

It’s truly an incredible shaver. I really need to try the standard plate to compare to the + plate, but so far the + one is an outstanding one.

Will keep you updated with my thoughts on the standard plate!
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