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Need help identifying these razors!!!

I just picked up two razors this afternoon, both of which were in a very disgusting state when I found them. In fact, I wasn't even sure what color they were. Anyway, after a boil, scrub, polish, and buff -- I was able to clean them up extremely well. :w00t: (See photos below). I am now trying to identify which model they are and when they may have been produced.

There is no date code on either razor and the only markings are on the underside of the guard plates. They both have the Gillette trademark, while one has the text "Made in Canada" and the other "Made in USA".

Can anyone shed some light on this?





With The Grain said:
WOW those cleaned up well, pretty positive they're both old style pocket editions (hollow handle version). There may or may not be a serial number stamped into the comb guard plate that could help you ID it to an exact year but some of these are missing said stamp- you'll notice the geocities site says something like "pocket edition still seen without serial number" or something like that. putting that aside ive never seen a silver one at all, let alone in such condition... i've seen a lot of 1904 and 1906 silver tone gillettes and of course non-hollow pocket editions but not a hollow handle pocket edition like that. Not the best shavers IMO but very cool becuase of their condition.

edit- i can post a pic or two of non-hollow handle pocket editions if you havent seen them

Hi James,

Thanks for such a quick response. I too was very amazed at how well these cleaned up, and had a hunch they may be the "hollow handle pocket edition" you mentioned.

I don't think I've seen the non-hollow handle version before, so would be very interested in viewing some pics.


Wow... some excellent information there. :thumbup1: Thanks so much for sharing it... I always learn so much from everyone on this forum. It makes sharing my finds (like those today) all the more fun to post! :laugh:

I saw on the Geocities site that the "Hollow Handle Pocket Edition" was introduced in 1917. Any way of knowing how long it was in production?

Thanks again!
Wow, those razors cleaned up amazingly well.

I hate to belabor the point, but could you share exactly what you did, what products you used, etc., to clean those 2 razors so beautifully?

I have purchased several old Gillettes and have not gottent them anywhere close to that level. Envy.:redface:
Hi Mitch,

I'm almost embarassed to tell you how I cleaned these razors. As I did not know what finish each razor had, I was merely 'shooting from the hip' when it came to their cleaning. However, this is what I did.

1. Simmered razors in water and liquid dish soap on the stove for 5 minutes. Removed from water. Scrubbed with toothbrush. Set back in water for another 15 minutes. Removed and scrubbed with toothbrush again.

2. Applied Brass-O to silver razor, using toothbrush to work polish into all areas. Polished with J-Cloth until Brass-O was removed. Buffed with Bounty Paper Towel until black residue no longer transfered to towel.

3. Simmered gold razor (I thought it was brass) on stove in pot with white vinegar, salt, and aluminum foil. Let simmer for about 10 minutes. Removed and scrubbed with toothbrush.

4. Applied Brass-O to gold razor, using toothbrush to work polish into all areas. Polished with J-Cloth until Brass-O was removed. Buffed with Bounty Paper Towel until black residue no longer transfered to towel.

As stated before, I thought the gold razor was actually brass and took a much more aggressive approach to its cleaning, which others may not wish to do. However, I did not notice any lacquer flaking off the razor at any point in the cleaning process (which I would have expected to see on a gold razor). Perhaps the razor is brass afterall and I've just shined it up really well... ... I really don't know!

Hope this helps!
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