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Need help finding the right electric beard trimmer

Hi guys , I have been lurking for a while and this is my first post.. Love this forum.

Anyways, I maintain a goatee and have 2 different beard trimmers, but I am not 100% satisfied with either. The reason is not having the exact type of comb attachment for my needs. The actual trimmer units itself are fine.

I have a Remington pg350 and on the detail trimmer attachment, I use this comb (the only one available)

I loved it when I first was using it because the teeth had very narrow spacing which allowed very precise uniform length on my beard. The only issue is, the comb is too short and eventually wanted to have a longer beard.
In the 350 was a standard trimmer attachment that allowed for longer beards but it was of cheap quality and the spacing was too wide to give uniform length. I barely use this one anymore.

Second trimmer I have is a wahl : http://www.wahlhomeproducts.com/Products/MensGrooming/BeardMustache/5537-2701. The main unit is better quality and the full guide attachment is the one I use to maintain my desired length but it too has too wide of a spacing for the comb and I have a hard time getting my beard uniform. It

pretty much looking for a combination of long length comb with narrow spacing between the teeth.

any suggestions?

thanks in advance
I got the Phillips Norelco Multigroom. Great trimmer with no compalints. Comes with multiple attachments and guides. I use it for my head as well as goatee and stach. Keeps a long charge and can rinse in water. Never bogs down or clogs.
thanks guys, I will check them out in person when I go out to the store. but from the pics on the internet, I don't know if they offer what I am looking for and I believe they will most likely preform similar to what I already use.

I want a trimmer with combs that have very narrow spacing between each tooth and is very long. The Remington I used had that, but the comb was not long enough. (The the translucent second one from the right)
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