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Need help choosing a Simpson brush...

I just ordered my first Simpson, the Wee Scot best badger brush, to be my temporary brush for a while because I recently converted my cousin and gave him my shaving gear as a graduation present.

I've heard great things about the Wee Scot and if I end up loving the brush, I might consider an upgrade from Simpsons. I usually purchase shaving soaps with their supplementary wooden/ceramic bowls and go from there. All I need is a few swirls on top of the soap and I'm ready to build lather. I guess you can say I have a small face and I have no beard.

Any recommendations? Oh, and my budget is a little over hundred and thirty dollars. I'm looking for a brush that will last me a very, very long time.
Indeed, I think a Duke 3 in Pure would be a great next brush.

Not a out-of-the blue recommendation ;-) I took that route myself



Then bought a 46 and now waiting for an Eagle G3.
A 56 or 57 will give you a very versatile brush with great density, backbone and soft tips. Both are great brushes for soaps, and handle creams with no problem.
I just bought a Colonel X2L in Best, and it is an excellent, soft brush with lots of backbone that doesn wonderfully well with soaps. And it really doesn't bloom, so stays small and doesn't splay. Feels great on the face! Think it ran around $70.
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