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Need Help choosing a Shavemac

This will be primarily for face lathering with hard soaps. I have the specs pretty much decided upon: 22mm, 2 band Silvertip, which will fall right between my other 2 main brushes, a Simpson's Duke 3 and a Commodore 2. Handle 386 or 173. Now I just have to choose bulb or fan. Advice or recommendations appreciated.


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Shavemac is my favorite brush maker, their 2-band my favorite knot, and bulb my favorite style!!! Bulbs work better for me as a face latherer. It seems to dry faster. Plus, the rounded bulb look is aesthetically pleasing and seems to hold its shape well. That said, the differences between are so minuscule, you cannot go wrong with Shavemac.

Most importantly, enjoy your buying journey.
Thanks—leaning towards bulb, for mostly aesthetic reasons since I’ve never tried the fan shape. Good to read your comments re face lathering.
I prefer face lathering but also enjoy the bowl.
Just got this bulb style yesterday and face lathered with it this morning:

Magnificent. And only going to get better. You’ll love yours!
I've had brushes from 16mm to 26mm. If you're going Thater or Shavemac 2-band bulb, go for 24mm. That's the sweet spot. 2-band Shavemac or Thater bulbs are not like a 3-band 22mm Simpson. My 2-band, 24mm Thater and Shavemac are my favorites for hard soap. I think if you go 22mm, you'll be disappointed and looking to upgrade that brush.
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I went from a 22mm knot brush that I've used for years to a 23mm knot Simpsons Classic 2. Was very happy with the change.

When I decided to go for a Shavemac; I contacted them and asked for suggestions, based on what I already have and like.

Bernd got back to me right away with his suggestions. I went to the Configurator and set it up (adding the tortoise shell band as an extra). I LOVE this brush. Agree with njpaddy: 24mm is awesome! I took to it like a duck to water.

Screen Shot 2022-04-02 at 4.50.38 PM.png
I have a Simpson Duke 2&3 in best that are two of my best brushes for face lathering. There is no problem picking up hard soap, but the way they release the soap is what makes them stand out. I also have a Shavemac 24mm 2 band bulb (The Tribute) and a 2 band 26mm fan that are great brushes, but the Dukes are right there with them.

Here is a kicker. I ordered a Shavemac 22mm fan over Black Friday with the same knot spec as The Beagle which I missed out on. When I got the brush it looked tiny with a high center crown so neither a fan or bulb. I used it several times to see if it would open up and look more full. It really didn’t open much and still looks scrawny. What is does do is face lathering is good as anything I have. It holds enough lather for 3 passes and releases that lather like I’m willing it.

At first I was going to complain to Brend at Shavemac, but now it’s a keeper.

Reason for my post is to say a small mm brush can really hang with the big dogs.
For a 22 mm knot, I would go for a higher loft to knot ratio (46/22 or higher) for a bulb, and closer to 2 to 1 (44/22) for a fan. Smaller bulb knots with 2 to 1 ratio are to pointy for my taste.
I see a lot of larger knots. Am I way off thinking a 22mm knot will be the sweet spot?

I have 22mm Shavemac 2-band fans for face lathering. Once they bloom, they feel larger on the face without being cumbersome. I wouldn't go larger than 22 with a fan. If I wanted a bulb, I'd go 24mm but these are my preferences.

As for loft, the 22mm Shavemac fans that Rudy made for me were set to 48mm. Am happy with the results. Good scrub and backbone without feeling stiff or harsh. Lather release is good though both my brushes needed 10 to 12 uses to loosen up to give me the capacity and flow through I was looking forward to.
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Our tastes are generally very similar. Plus, Shavemac is a favorite.

That said, I ordered two beagles, one bulb and the other a fan. Initially, I preferred the fan. Over time I have come to appreciate the bulb almost as much. Both are great IMHO!! :thumbup::thumbup:
A big consideration in my book is whether you wear a beard, or not.

If you do, a smaller knot might be in order. Easier to get around.
If I go with a 22 mm 2 band silvertip fan: standard 48mm loft or 46mm like the Beagle? Does the shorter height make it slightly better for face lathering?
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