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Need Help, 1906 Gillette Single Ring

I recently picked up this Gillette Razor at a antique store. From the research I've done it looks like a 1906 Single Ring with the serial number 419632. The only thing I don't understand is the Pat Nov 15 04 on the bottom. It is really hard to read and looks like there is something else scribed with it. I tried doing research, but can't find anything like it. Below are pictures of the razor and case to help identify if this is in fact a 1906 Single Ring. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Yeah, I'd say it was a double stamping, too. You can see the "'04" from the lower second stamp overlapping the first stamp's "15" pretty clearly there in that second-to-last shot. I wouldn't say it was terribly common, but it does happen.
Thanks guys for the quick feedback and knowledge! I got this two weeks ago as my first safety razor, and since then have acquired six more razors to the collection. I feel an addiction coming on!
It seems like last few weeks there has been some unusual marked razors......

Maybe that means most folks are self-identifying the easy ones? We have no idea how many people find razors without posting questions.

There may also be a relationship to the increasing value of some razors. Folks seem to want oddly marked razors to be worth more, as if they were coins or postage stamps. But as far as I know razor collectors do not see it that way. Instead the important factors are condition, rarity, and relevance - that is, relevance to the interests of the collector.
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