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Need advise on portable generator for house.

I am replacing a generator that was damaged during the flood of 2016 and then was stolen in 2107. Too long of a story for now. I have owner 2 different generators in the past and have always had generator transfer switch in my house for emergency back up power.

I have bought 2 generators and need to decide which one to keep and then sell the other one. I bought them because the price was very good and I know I could sell the one I do not want and not lose money.

The options are a

Smarter Tools ST-GP7500DEB 7500W Propane (LPG)/Gasoline Generator

or a Generac XT8000E gasoline generator

Since I am running thru a 30amp generator transfer switch either one will work. The smart tools generator runs on gas or lp and has more outlet options to plug things in which seams like a plus. The Generac has more output and a good reputation. I was trying to figure out which one produces a better electricity for electrical items that have circuit boards in them. At one of my houses the garage door opener would not work when the generator was used as backup. I know some electronic devices are more sensitive then others.

Any advice would be appreciated or direction to find more info. Thanks
Since you are running through a proper transfer switch, make sure you know which type of grounding system your genset has. Most of the typical 'job site' generators have a bonded ground and a lot of inveter types have a floating ground. Thus can cause issues with GFCI receptacles. If you are unsure of what I am referencing, then ask a local qualified electrician or genset supplier. It makes a difference.


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I had a Campbell Hausfeld generator that I had nothing but problems out of, and it had a Honda engine. I have a Generac 5500 (6875 starting watts) for the well pump and other small things in the house and I have never had a bit of a problem out of it. Starts the first or second pull every time.

The dual fuel option is very nice. That would be a quandary for me also.

I need to get a transfer switch installed.
If you have a good electrician friend/family member, price out an automatic standby generator. Bought a Genrac 11kw generator and my electrician father in law helped install it...er, I helped him install it.
I have a 15 year old 5500w Generac I take poor care of. Starts easy every time. Never heard of the other brand.
I would go with the name brand/better reputation, but that dual fuel option has me thinking otherwise.
I see more generac brand in the scrapyards than any other. Never been particularly impressed with the 5k generac I have either. I contacted them to get a spare set of brushes and got the run around...pretty much told me everything I needed to know about them as a company.

Propane is an advantage and a drawback. Advantage: It's a clean fuel that never goes bad, so there's no trouble with gunked up carbs. Disadvantage: It's less energy dense than gasoline, so the power output is reduced when compared to gasoline(usually around 20%). If it's a feature you want or need, it can be added fairly easy to an engine/genset that doesn't have it. There are several companies that make bolt on kits.
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