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Near Wedge = 1/4 Hollow Grind?

Is a "near wedge" the same thing as a "quarter hollow" grind? Or is this one of those things some people will say yes and others no?
To me there is a distinct difference between the two. A near wedge looks like a triangle where two of the edge are slightly concave. But essentially you can see the thickness of the blade decreasing all the way to the edge. A 1/4 hollow as a much smaller radius on the faces and comes to the thinnest point somewhere just before the edge. In other words a 1/4 hollow will have a short section before the edge that seems uniformly thin. In contrast on a 1/2 hollow the point where the edge reaches minimum thickness will be about 1/3 to 1/2 way back from the edge towards the spine.

I put some photos below. In order, wedge, near wedge, 1/4 hollow, 1/2 hollow, full hollow. This is my view, others may disagree. I will say it is really hard to get a good photo of a full hollow head on.

433E4DE9-A79A-48D0-8E62-11015754E46F.jpeg E2BF800F-AB7D-4D08-BDC8-BE222D02DC31.jpeg 9F8A2EC5-5D64-40D3-BB06-BC2CD1B266E5.jpeg F0BAE386-8843-49A0-ACD5-5204FE712774.jpeg C9CB4A67-1A6B-464F-A112-F07DD21BDE9D.jpeg
The difference between a wedge and a near-wedge is only material when you hone it. A wedge is hell. A near-wedge is still hell, but a much lesser hell. The feeling on the skin while shaving is not different in my experience.
but there may be a weight/mass difference between a near wedge and 1/4 hollow that does lend a bit of a difference in face feel. it does me, negligable as it may be. it also helps to compare the same sizes against each other.

If you can be happy with a 1/4 hollow, they'll likely be cheaper than a comparably sized near wedge in a similar condition. I prefer 1/4s, but I don't have the thickest, heaviest beard.
but there may be a weight/mass difference between a near wedge and 1/4 hollow that does lend a bit of a difference in face feel.
Agreed, the feel is different between 1/4 and wedge/near-wedge. My comment earlier was that wedge and near-wedge do feel the same to each other however.
The best, most intuitive explanation of the different grinds that I have seen was from @bluesman 7:

In theory we could talk about 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, ..., but my old eyes have trouble seeing differences finer than full, 1/2, 1/4 and wedge, so I have just been lumping 1/4 and near wedge together. But I can definitely see the argument that for a near wedge less than 1/4 of the span has been removed.
Full or True Wedge has no hollow at all. Some might even be convex.
Grinds with a shred of concavity, those showing a hint of daylight on a straightedge, some will call that a 'wedge' and others might call it a 'near wedge'. I might say it's a 'wedgy' grind.
1/4 hollow has a lot more 'scoop' in the hollow, not really wedgy.
If I was pressed to draw a line in the sand, I'd say 1/8 hollow or less could be 'near wedge'.
But then someone will say only 1/16 hollow or less is a 'near wedge'.
I feel like most of my near wedges had a softer feel than my 1/4s.
I have noticed this as well. I think it might have to do with the era their were made which favored softer metals. Also, all the wedges/near-wedge I have are French. I have seen British ones too, but I've never seen a Swedish, German or Japanese one.
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