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near perfect shave

i had a near perfect shave yestersay! i really worked on getting a good lather worked up. i spent a few minutes doing that and the shaved. with a mild blade i got nothiing but a smooth shave and close one too. only shaving where there was foam unless a clean up pas while my face was still slick! i kinda had to abuse the brush. id like to get a good one
Good to hear. I am a very hard marker on myself when it comes to perfect or near perfect. It is a satisfying experience to have a really good shave. 🤔
Glad it's starting to click for you. Looking back at my notes, It took me about a dozen shaves to get to the point where I started to get good consistent results. Some of that was developing my technique, some was trying various blades and lathers. Now that you've found a combination that works, I'd stick with that setup for a while while so you can focus on technique. Once you've got that nailed down, you'll be able to experiment with diffrerent blades and soaps with more confidence.

The first blade that gave me smooth, close, and predictable results without irritation was the Gillette Silver Blue. I've since found blades I like even better, but still keep them in the rotation.
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