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Charity Auction NBCF Auction discussion thread.


I am not able to find any cigar or pipe tobacco auctions this year or did I miss them?
There is one that comes with a pipe. No cigars though


Do we have a shave soap this year? I really enjoy the St Charles Soapworks from last year.
We always did that in conjunction with Saint Charles Shave. Wendy has closed it down. Maybe I will look at something else as an option next year.
Haha, I am loving this but to even attempt to compete with the lyrical works of avvatar would only make me look lime a poser. This is my first year here and this is an amazing thing to be a part of


looks like everything has a bid! Thank you everyone! Now crank it up to full power and let’s get some money rolling.


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The Captain says the first mate went to the store so.....🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm sensing their may be a mutiny when she gets back!
Wow. I'm blown away at the Captain's Choice Cooper Heavyweight lather bowl. Roughly twice it's normal cost. Amazing for a great cause.