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NB with new (vintage) razor.

I am fed up with my electric and have always hated shaving with a blade. I watched manic59's videos and applied the techniques using a mach3, VDH soap and VDH brush. I am hooked.

I've shaved everyday for the past five days with any bumps, nicks or razor burn. My skin is also really looking better.

I picked up what appears to be a Gillette Fat Boy today at an antique store for $15. The case simply says Gillette Adjustable. Looking at pictures on the internet, I'm pretty sure this isn't the slim.

Pat Nos. 2,562,115 2,848,806 2,848,807

Will this be ok for a beginner starting with a low setting?

When I get home, I'll post a picture.

Thanks for all the great info here,
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You got a deal on it if it is a Fatboy! With case they go for $40+! I'd say start at a low setting, 3 or 4 maybe and go from there. Remember, NO pressure and reduce beard in multiple passes. Good luck!
Here's a pic. I was going to take more but the CF card was full. As a side note. When I say new, I'm meaning new to me.


Thanks everybody.
Yup. That's a Fat Boy. Good find. Fat Boys are fantastic. I'd recommend keeping it on a one or two to start, and leave the adjustor alone until you've got solid technique. After a few weeks you can begin fiddling with different settings, blades, soaps, AS's, etc, etc, etc.
Hey, if you don't like the way that FatBoy shaves, you can double your money right here. Just point your mouse pointer to the little rosborne to the upper left , choose send private message and that nasty little razor will be out of your life!!! :wink2:

Welcome to B&B!!! That's and outstanding deal you got and a beautiful razor. Hope it give you many wonderful shaves! Never had or used a Fat Boy but many here consider it a top three razor to have.
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