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Navy shaving changes

The military (all branches) used to issue DE razors to its personnel.

My father was in the Army during the Korean War.

A friend of mine was in the Air Force during the Vietnam War.

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Current Air Force member here. Durring basic, all members with extreme cases of ingrown hairs utilized an electric razor at the medical facility (once a week I believe). They also had a waiver they carried around to show that they were not required to shave every day.

Shaving waivers are a very common thing in the Air Force. It requires you to keep a tidy beard (as short as possible without actually completly shaving). You are not allowed to edge it, style it, or anything but the standard trimming. You have to get the waiver renewed every so often.
yea I guess I won't be wetshaving till I'm in A school although I do fear that they will think otherwise if they see the de blades even though there gonna be in the wrappers and boxes during inspections but idk I'm already anxious about that
Don't even bring 'em. You'd probably end up mailing all that home along with all civilian clothes/shoes. At least that's what we did and I know a young Sailor that did the same about 5 years ago. I would opt to bring a cartridge shaver and foam instead.
I went through basic in 2009. The vast majority of black guys in my company suffered horribly with ingrown hairs and such. They weren't allowed to use clippers. They used the same multi blade carts and whatever canned foam or gel was available at the PX. Shave waivers were issued for the worst cases. I always felt sorry for the ones who couldn't get rid of them no matter how hard they tried or having to crawl around in the dirt and all that fun stuff with such painful skin conditions like ingrown hairs.