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Navigating over and around the jaw line?

I'm just getting into DE shaving. With three passes and a gillette fusion I could get a great shave.. I am thinking I must be able to do better with a DE. I'm having trouble navigating around my jaw line. I have a defined jaw line that is rigid and it's tough to get around it without nicking myself.. I have my growth mapped just can't seen to get close around it even WTG.

Any thought? How do you manage?
This is a really common issue when first starting out. Try to think about the flat parts of your jaw/face and break down your strokes to separate/differentiate each change in the angle of your jaw. The biggest thing to do to help with this is to take strokes that are way smaller than what you are probably doing. Take strokes, at first, that are 1" or better if even less, when you are first getting the hang of this.

You can try raising your chin up high and doing your lower portion of the jaw line. Then, stick your chin/jaw forward and down and you can do the upper part of the jaw. Hopefully the actual line will overlap between these a bit so you will get a clean shave everywhere.

- Badger Bill
I ran into this same problem at first. What I do is do the upper part of my jawline first. Then do the bottom flat part. For the part in between I will stretch my skin upward with my free hand towards my cheeks, and down and back at the angle of my jaw. Chin gets funny faces and blade buffing.
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