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    I was wondering what good natural shaving soaps do people recommend. From my research "Mike's Natural Shaving soap" and "Dr. Jon's Natural soaps" seem to be good. Has anyone tried these or can recommend any others. I ordered "Henry Cavendish" soap because of the reviews and high rating on amazon but I don't feel great about it for some reason. Seems like it didn't lather up well but finding good shaving soaps with good safe ingredients in it has been a challenge. I feel like there are a lot of soaps out there that just have one questionable ingredient that makes me not buy it. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    MdC. Fabulous product.
  2. Thanks! I'll check it out.
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    Don't be frightened by the initial cost - a jar lasts me over a year of daily use.
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    Look into the Speick line. Soap, cream and balm are wonderful.
  5. Mike's Natural is an excellent choice IMHO especially if you stay away from those scents that have fragrance oil and stick with those having essential oils only. I have one of each, Barbershop and Orange, Cedarwood & Black Pepper. His soaps are clearly identified and described on his website. The soaps are very reasonably priced.

    Another excellent choice is Tallow & Steel Sicily. All the ingredients are natural and the scents are essential oils from the region the soap references. I specifically called out Sicily because I just spent some time with that soap and it is really wonderful at least in my opinion. T & S will be a little more money.

    Still another really nice soap is Lisa's Natural Herbal Creations. I have several of her premium line soaps and they are very nice. Find a scent that you like and you are good to go for a very reasonable price.
  6. thanks!
  7. I will for sure check these out! thanks for all the info!
  8. Seems like most any soap maker will suit your needs. Just about all that I can think of contain "good safe ingredients". Are you trying to avoid anything in particular?
  9. I'm trying to steer clear from soaps that genetically list parfum or fragrance without listing what's used to make the fragrance. I wanted to use Taylor of old bond street but it has titanium dioxide. I try and Google the ingredients and see. I'm probably going Overkill on it but I'm just hoping to try more natural stuff.
  10. Mike's Natural Soaps is one of my favorites. As stated above by Glenn @Southsider, Mike clearly lists which of his soaps are scented with essential oils.

    Wet Shaving Products Formula T shaving soap runs about $15-17. I enjoy the performance and scents of these tallow shaving soaps. I think that the "True Lavender" and "Bay Rum" scents are the only Formula T soaps scented with essential oils only, if that is important to you.

    Lisa's Natural Herbal Creations shaving soap is another good one mentioned earlier in this thread that provides really good value in a good performing natural shaving soap.

    Mystic Water Soap is an excellent natural shaving soap with great performance and scents. Michelle also lists her soaps clearly as to how they are scented, with essential oils, fragrance oils, or both.

    Mike's, LNHC, and Mystic Water all offer shaving soap samples for sale, so you could even order samples to try the soaps and scents without committing to full tubs.

    Good luck!
  11. Capt Choice Bay Rum I believe is all essential oil and rest of ingredients are oils and bases. Razorock Essential oil of Lime I think also has all natural ingredients.

    Stirling Soaps makes an entire line where they only use essential oils for scent. You can filter that on their site.

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  12. titanium dioxide is natural :) Rust of titanium. But it is an unneeded item, just making it white, also a food coloring. But safe, as long if you don't hang around it in dust clouds for hours a day, several day per week for a couple of years.
  13. Cool I'll check these out. Thanks
  14. Thanks!
  15. Hmmmm may have to reconsider TOBS
  16. Hang around anything as a dust cloud for the times tested would cause tumors.

    Just don't dry out jars of them, powder them, suspend in the air, and breath in air from there hours a day. :)
  17. I also am interested in natural soaps and creams I look at each ingredients and check them with here is a list of soaps and creams that I have researched that you may like: Midnight & Two, Tallow & Steel, The Sudsy Soapery, La Savonnerie Boubonnase, Elvado, Le Pere Lucien, LA Shaving Soap, Stirling EO and Mikes EO. Take care ~
  18. I use that site as well. Thanks I'll check these out.
  19. Check out Siliski Soaps. They are vegan based with added butters. Really good stuff and I believe they use EO for their scents.

    Another one is Perfectly Natural Soaps. Going off the name I would assume this would fit the bill. They also use Essential Oils. Have their Citrus Mint and it packs a nice menthol punch. Good stuff.

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