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Nationwide Campus Group Buy Thread (Shick Injectors/Blades)

Ok fellas..... sound off - how many of each type of razor do you desire - and how many boxes of blades?

The #'s we can generate will then leave us with prices - and your reply to this thread with a desired amount is NON binding. Ideally i'd like to get free shipping on the razors/blades and the blades from $5 per box of 7 down to $3 per box of 7.

If we can buy them at $3 per box of 7, I am personally in for 50 boxes.
Joel, having not tried ANY injector before, sign me up for 2 of each and 4 boxes of blades (1 for each razor)
Gotta have spares, you know...have a bad feeling I will break at least one.
John P.
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