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Nancy Boy Shaving Cream

Greetings Gents!
I can unequivocally say that Nancy Boy has much more than customer service and their customer service is excellent! I used about seven different Nancy Boy products this AM and I am certainly pleased with both the products and the results. Though I am not here to type about the shampoo and conditioner or invigorating body wash, I shall note in passing that they are really excellent products. My hair has not looked this good, nor has my scalp felt so good in years. But I tarry too long.
Nancy Boy shaving cream is the topic at hand. It is my first use, but oh what a wonderful shave and lather experience. I did the standard (light) poke and twist with my Savile Row 3128 Silvertip lather canon. Took about two dozen whips in the Mikasa Yardley lather (cereal) bowl and low and behold, HEAPS, GOBS, and MOUNTAINS of extremely moist and lubricious lather. What a delight! It has no added fragrance other than the refreshing and invigorating scent of its constituents. After four really super passes with the Futur, the cream was still moist and ready to go for more! I may break the rotation and give it another go tomorrow just to make sure that this was not a FIRST USE ANOMALY! This is really stellar stuff! I used the aftershave gel and found it to be pleasant and refreshing too. Below is a shot of the products and tools after the four passes:

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It will be worth the wait. I received my replacement package yesterday. My first package was left on my balcony in zero degree weather, and Eric Roos at Nancy Boy immediately dispatched a replacement. I did not shave with it today, but last night I did whip up a bowl of lather. Incredible scent, and it will be used tomorrow!

So far the group of toilettries I have used all have this same clean, refreshing scent. It believe that it is all artificial fragrance free. It's really strange, my hair looks and feels so good I've gone from faceturbating to hair-rubbing!:biggrin:
I used the Nancy Boy cream this morning, and I can say that I think this stuff is at least on par with, and perhaps better than the three T's. Incredible, rich, moisturizing lather with a dynamite, natural scent. You can tell from the moment you dip your finger (or brush) into it that this stuff is just pure goodness. Kudos to Eric and company on this one.

On another note, the hand Lotion just might be the best moisturizer I have come across. Sinks in quick, smells great, non-greasy, and incredibly moisturizing. I continue to be wowed by this company.
Just an update, so far I have used:
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Shaving Cream
  • Aftershave Gel
  • Light Facial Scrub
  • Invigorating Body Scrub
  • Styling Gel
  • Body Moisturizer
The least of these products is very, very good. The average is really excellent. For instance, I am not normally a styling gel user, but decided to try the Nancy Boy product. Excellent. No crappy gunk this stuff.. Clean with resilient holding power.. Even with my thinning crown.. I have yet to try the bath bar soap, but that will be worked into the routine also..
OK....like....I wish I would have known about these way cute products before:001_tt2: All of this looks very interesting and the price is great, will be buying these when I return from sea.
I purchased the Road Trip so that I could try there product line. I am pleased that I did. At first I was reticent because there were some items that I thought I would never use. WRONG! I did not receive the signature ribbon, but I can live without it.. :smile:
HlSheppard said:
Just went down for some as well...

Ron, can I come live with you when my wife kicks me out?? :a38:
Okay Howard. Just buy your travel toiletries before she drops the hammer!!:001_rolle
I got this from Scotto in a sample pack. This is one of the six I got. I shaved with this three days ago. Lather was just okay. Even trying different cream-water ratios. Shave was okay but not great. It did leave my face feeling very moistuerized after the shave.

I feel Nancy Boy was a better shave than the Trumpers coconut. QED Lime and Prorasso green tube gave me better shaves, than the Nancy Boy and Trumpers coconut.

I got four more samples to try yet.:biggrin1:
Personally, NB is not my favorite. I don't love the scent, but of course that is totally personal. I also find, though, that I do not love the shave either. It just did not seem to lubricate that well too me, or something. Personally, I like Trumper creams, at least the few I have tried, and find them to work better for me than this.

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