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Nancy Boy or Baxters

So I'm in the shampoo market and I have been buying some pretty decent stuff from the Salon I go to. But I was almost ready to try Nancy Boy's shampoo, but then I was turned onto Baxter's Shampoo. Then I hear about a body wash?

Who here uses NB or Baxters...can someone give me the run down as to the differences in the two and your preferences and why?

How would their aftershave compare to CAR Hydrolast Peppermint? I already got one opinion on this and I'd like to get more..


I use both, and they are both very good products. I would give Baxters the edge on performance/price ratio. All three products from both vendors (shampoo, conditioner, body wash) are excellent.

If you are not a fan of minty products, Baxters has some more options in bodywashes than NB. I find the NB aftershave gel pretty worthless, but the Baxters is excellent. Very cooling, and a good amount of moisturizing as well.
Haven't tried Nancy Boy, but I very much enjoy Baxters shampoo/conditioner. Also - their face bar soaps in Itallian Limes and Bergamont/pear are outstanding as well!

As far as the Baxter ASB - I personally feel it is superior to CAR A/S moisture cream ***FOR SUMMER USE*** The baxter actually does a superior job at calming the skin and thwarting irritation, and feels even better than the CAR cream when you put it on! For the winter though - CAR packs one HELL of a moisturizing whallop and embarasses the baxters in that regard - however believe it or not come spring/summer (it keeps raining here in CA!) I'll be using the Baxter ASB as well as splashes... the CAR will be hibernating in the closet!
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