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Nancy Boy Aftershave

Hey guys,
I just received some Nancy Boy aftershave today.
I also just purchased some Thayers Rose as well as Aloe Gel from Whole Foods today.

Now I'm confused. What would be better to use? I have heard ppl using the Thayers/Aloe combo instead of an aftershave and I have also heard good things about the Nancy Boy.

I would like to keep my shaving/washing regimine as simple as possible, so should I just keep the Thayers/Aloe and use that all the time(including after washing my face) or should I use the Nancy Boy aftershave?

Wow, just too much stuff to keep up with and I just started this craze about a week ago...
I use thayers first after shaving and then the scented aftershave. I then use aloe 80 for any spots that feel like they need it after 5 or 10 minutes. It is an awesome combination and not too expensive. You also still get to have a nice scented aftershave lotion/balm in the mix.
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