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Nameless score from the bay

Figured i'd share this here, just scored this off ebay a few days ago, it'll take a month to get here (yay slow boat) but for 13 bucks shipped i'd say it's a nice score. It was advertised as 'High mountain white' badger and looks like it will be much nicer than my pure badger Vulfix old original. :001_tt1:
$1.JPG$2.JPG$3.JPG$4.JPG hoping it will be as soft or softer than my $10 VdH boar brush, but with the same backbone. Can't wait for it to show up in the mailbox so I can try it
That is a Frank's "defective" shaving brush and I too got one of the HMW knots. I have found mine to be firmer than the normal silvertip, but not as soft at the tips. Upon taking a closer look I noticed that there are some full black hairs in the knot (a very low percentage) and I wonder if those are what is causing the mild prickly, scritchy sensation. I have only used it a couple of times, but for the price it is tolerable and much better than many alternatives.
i had a franks and it was ehh. not terrible but not great. worth it for i think i paid 18$ but not more. mine to was a bit scritchy
Just got it in the mail today from China. No defects in the brush, it's got nice backbone but too much scritch. I'm sure after a week of use it will be about as broken in as badger gets. Great score for the money. It only took an hour of soaking, shampooing and some almond soap (col conks, crap for shaving, great for breaking in a brush) and it's almost badger stink free xD. All in all, I'm pretty happy with it.
Just noticed a typo, when I say "but too much scritch" I meant to type 'not too much scritch'. It's got some scritch but not enough to hate the brush for ^^
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