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Name a tobacco blend that while others may love, you dont care for...


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Anything heavy in Latakia. By which I mean anything heavier than Squadron Leader and Skiff Mixture. Nightcap was way too strong for me.

Most things heavy in dark fired Kentucky too. Coniston Cut Plug is an exception, although I believe the Gawith dark fired tends to be Virginias, not Burleys. Even so, Coniston is only an occasional use tobacco for me. MacB's Old Dark Fired was ridiculously over the top.

Burley is another tobacco that can be overwhelming in high quantities. Aged Burley Flake was utterly revolting.

My preference is for Virginia led blends. I don't mind modest additions of any of these other tobaccos to a blend, and they can help round out a blend. However, when they stop being a condiment, and start dominating a blend, I lose interest.

I think my most hated blend is 1792 flake. I can't even dilute that down with other tobaccos to make it bearable. That's everything a pipe tobacco should not be, in my book.

Having said all that, plain Virginia tobaccos can be grim too. Germain's Brown Flake is exquisite, but fresh Full Virginia Flake is really not good at all. Best Brown can be a bit hit or miss, depending how freh the drum is that it's weighed from.
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C & D's Gentleman Caller seems to do nothing for me. It smells great in the tin, but I might as well be puffing air.

I agree. The tin note is fantastic, but the flavor is ho-hum. I'm thinking about mixing some Crooner in to get a little more deertongue kick.

I'm with @Kentos on the Stonehaven too. I think I need to get more of it to see if I warm up to it. It took a full tin of FVF to finally "get it." I really want to love Stonehaven so I can sit at the big kids table. Peacehaven, on the other hand, was love at first puff.
Seattle pipe club Mississippi River. Not sure what it was about the flavors just couldn't make myself like it.
I like the flavors okay, the couple of times I've tried it. It does leave me with a little throat dryness and a tiny bit of "hyper" feeling, as if I've drunk strong coffee very quickly. I suppose that's the nicotine -- but the lift I get from my burley blends and codgers is more subtle.
Grousemoor, and Mixture 79. Unbearable to smoke, although I suppose you could bag up Grousemmoor into little sachets for your wife's lingerie drawer.
I never liked Frog Morton. I acknowledge, certainly, that tastes change, but I still actually have an opened "On the Town" that I never finished from a decade ago. I traded two sealed tins and some other stuff for McClelland's 40th Anniversary a couple of years ago-best trade I ever made.
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