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Nagura just breaks in two?

I have had this oozuku asagi nagura for about two years. I have always dried it and have never dropped it. I picked it up the other day and it just came apart. I guess it's not a big deal. I lapped the fracture surfaces and beveled the edges and corners. Now I have two stones. But what worries me is why? Could this just happen to my larger Oozuku (which I prize).

I don't really mourn the breaking of the nagura. They have had their day and even Mr. Mizuochi now uses a worn 1200 atoma to raise slurry. So does Alfredo. But I would not be happy at the loss of my Oozuku Asagi, as it has produced many comfortable edges. I am curious why the nagura broke with just a simple touch - internal stresses?


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It could, I’ve had a Hakka nagura split in two just like yours. I was raising slurry with it and it stuck to the stone, and half stayed on the stone and half stayed in my hand. Always water the hone and nagura well before use, if they’re absorbing water they’ll stick together.

Recently, I had a full size stone split into three layers. It had been oiled, and I was de-oiling it and it just cama apart in my hands while changing the water/alcohol. The unstable layers were already there, I don’t know if the oil had anything to do with it, I kind of doubt it.

If you have any doubts about layer cracks, it’s best to smooth the sides then use cashew- or urushi-reenforced mulberry paper (washi) on the sides.
Yah, stones can have faults in them and they can seem to be fine forever and then one day - crack.
This is why I seal stones. It's not a 100% solution for every stone all the time, but it will help prevent fissures from growing due to water ingress.
I sealed with clear lacquer and plan on renewing periodically. I know there are better ways, like cashew product, but I haven't found any.
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