Nacet itch?

Discussion in 'Safety Razor Blades' started by Jim K, Aug 23, 2019.

    Everybody is different, Nacets did not gave me itching.
  1. Just started using them. No itch.
  2. what ever blades i use, i get rid of the "after shave" feel, by splashing a generous dose of isopropyl alcohol on my face to finish up my shaving session AND drying my face with VIVA paper towels. VIVA is the most "cloth-like" paper towel i can find and they are disposable, so no risk of comination from previous useage.
  3. I'll get itching sometimes when I get a real real close shave. Sometimes it's with Nacets because they can offer that level of closeness. But sometimes it's other blades. Anyone else get that after a fine BBS shave?
  4. I use Bounty before aftershave. Paper towels are much more sanitary that bath towels. FYI I used a Nacet today. IMO better than ever the Sharpedge Yellow.

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