Nacet itch?

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    I love how these blades shave and the smoothness and closeness of them, but I started to notice that around 1 to 2 hours after the shave my chin and face really started to itch - all with different aftershave and shaving creme, etc. Other blades that have coating do not make me do this..... but Shark. Love the blade but will continue to monitor so I can no longer give them a 5 out of 5 rating - now a 4.0 to 4.5.
  1. I suppose every face is different but i use Nacets alot and never experienced anything like that.
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    I have not had this experience before either. Are you sure it is the blades and nothing else?
  3. I think it's possible to react to a blade that other folks praise. I haven't shaved with my Nacets yet, but I have a similar reaction to Perma-Sharps. I don't itch, but I get irritation that other blades don't give me.
  4. This reminds me of the same issue I had with Derby Extra.
  5. I hope you find the cause of the irritation. I personally like the Nacet blades & have not had any reaction to them.
  6. Nacet works fine for me with no reaction at all.
  7. I get that with Derby Extras/Premiums, but not with any other blades I have tried (which is around 60 odd).
  8. Sometimes the blade is only part of the equation.

    For me it was the very popular Personna IP Red. I would get some of the worst razor burn. At first I blamed the blade. But then it was happening with other blades too. I had developed an allergy to the almond scent. In order for the reaction to occur, you need a little over exfoliation along with an alergen.
  9. In the last 6 or 7 years, up until now, I've never read a single complaint about gillette nacets. Way up there on everybody's list, they're in my top 5.
  10. So far I have no problems with Nacets but I certainly don’t doubt the possibility of an irritation from them. Would suggest you try them in a less aggressive razor if you have one. As others mentioned sometimes it’s a combination.
  11. +3! Great blades for me! Fortunately, not a problem that I have experience with.
  12. Everyone has different skin and certain blades aren't suited. Astras to me are a no so keep trying other blades to find one that doesn't irritate you.

  13. Hey I had a similar experience with the Nacets. Not sure why...
    It became a blade that I didn’t use as frequently as the others.
    The post shave feeling was a turnoff for me. However I did enjoy how sharp and smoothly they shaved.
  14. I had high hopes for the Nacet blade when it hit my rotation in the old testing stage. The first shave was awesome, but it all went down from there. It’s a one-and-done blade for me. Plenty of other blades in the sea.
  15. I have similar experience with Nacets. They are plenty sharp but it must be some kind of sputtering process that do not agree with my face. The blade feels like I am shaving with a very sharp serrated edge. I feel greatly irritated with Nacet and this is coming from someone who regularly use Feather s, Gillette Black and Polsilvers. I haven't tried Perma Sharp yet but Nacet is only PPI blade that irritate my skin.
  16. With me, the Nacet is a 1 to 2-hour delay and then my skin itches.... Love the blade, but the itching is noticeable.
  17. Nacet are my favourite blades, didn’t have any issues with skin irritations reaction. YMMV because everybody has different types of skin strength or feel, some maybe very sensitive and some aren’t sensitive at all.
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    You’re not crazy, certain blades cause me to itch 2-3 hours after the shave, despite the shave going rather well and having excellent immediate post shave feel. I’ll never know why.
  19. Yes I get the Nacet itch -- the itch to buy more of them! :001_tt2:

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