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Mystic Water appreciation PIF - Part II

Well it's been a couple of weeks since I received my wonderful PIF from Cochese2323 and I want to spread the love and PIF the remaining samples of Mystic Water on to the next lucky individual. I received the following:

Bay Rum
Cedar & Sage
Lily of the Valley
Prospect Creek

I love the Bay Rum and Cedar & Sage, so I'm greedily keeping those and passing the rest along. Actually, I love most of the others as well, but I promised I wouldn't keep them all. Hopefully one of you will get as much pleasure out of these as I have. In the spirit of Cochese2323's original thread, I ask that you only throw your hat in the ring if you have never tried Mystic Water and if you are willing to PIF the last one or two samples that you do not chose to keep. A simple "I'm in" will suffice for entry, but a lengthy diatribe on the unique reasons why you should be considered above all others (even though you won't be), would certainly be appreciated. I will pick the lucky winner on Sunday night.

Cheers and good luck!

Count me in please ! The Marrakesh sounds brilliant ! Prospect Creek, sounds well......golden ! ha ha


I'm in, always wanting to try new stuff that I've never used. More than willing to PIF after I have tried them :)
I'm in! I'm a big supporter of small businesses but I've never tried any of these soapmakers' products yet. Thanks for the opportunity!
Nice PIF!
Lily of the Valley & Prospect Creek are my two favorite MW scents. Whoever gets these is in for a treat!


I'm in too. Thanks, Rob.

I met Michelle at a farm market. She's really serious about her products. On her advice, I tried MW Gentle Oatmeal soap, and it's just terrific! Her shaving soap (Bay Rum puck and lavendar stick) is on deck. But I'd like to try the others too.
I'm in, because I'm a Broncos fan who always hated Peyton Manning, despite his obvious genius as a quarterback. Now, I'm forced into liking him, hoping that he can get the Broncs past the first round of the playoffs.
I'm in please. If I win I will PIF what I don't keep, AND I will add to it a barely used tub of Razorock Third Eye.
I'm in please. If I win I will PIF what I don't keep, AND I will add to it a barely used tub of Razorock Third Eye.
Oooh! Taking it up a notch. You're a class act sir, and you inspire me. I'll be sure to throw a few assorted blades in with the package when I send it out and perhaps I can see if I have something else to drop in as well.
I'm in! I'm really trying to explore whats out there. As far as soaps go I only have VDH and William's mug soap. I really want to try more and find what suits me best.
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