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Mystery set - looking for information

So, I recently took a gamble and bid on this set at an auction. Of course, times being what they are and all, I didn't have much information other than a picture or two and the auction was slightly (just a bit....lol) out of state. Lo and behold, my bid wins and a week later this shows up on my doorstep. Now, I consider myself a fairly astute collector but I have absolutely no idea with this one.

The box is 7"x 5"x 2" and is a hard board with thin leather covering, mostly intact. The front of the box has the male end of a snap closure but has a screwed on soft leather closure tab which appears to be a replacement. This tab also matches two screwed on soft leather hinges on the back of the case. 'Pat Applied For' is stamped in the leather above the male snap closure.

Opening the case, the interior is covered in a Gillette purple felt with a rather large canvas and purple stitched Gillette emblem. The felt is nicely applied and tight to the interior compartments.

There are two empty brush/soap containers as well as two glass/crystal bottles. Both tops for the glass bottles are marked 'silver'. One of the tops conceals a glass stopper and the other has a slide which opens small shaker holes. One of the glass bottles contains an open plastic bag of some type of powder (no, I didn't taste or sniff it...lol). There are two cardboard embossed blade holders which are not printed in a font I've seen Gillette use before.

The razor is a 1919 'Property of US Army' old type (J11434) and is in nice condition. Two corner teeth have slight bends and there's a hairline crack at the bottom of the handle barrel.

I've never seen a set like this. The quality and construction of the case (except for the leather tab and hinges) is too high quality to have been put together in someone's basement. Has anyone seen anything like this before? I know there is a lot of knowledge on B&B!! Any thoughts or input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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Appears the date is 1919

Appears the date is 1919

Actually reads the full post and realizes this has already been stated. DOH
Hello, the razor is from an Army issue Khaki set, the case is much earlier, it belongs to a No 440 set from 1906-07 (including a Single ring razor, brush, soap, talc and perfume canisters plated in silver and 12 blades in cardboard boxes). Hinges and latch were replaced, a common practice with leather wrapped cases. I'd say the patch is also a later addition and the sharp/dull stamps of the blade boxes don't look like the ones Gillette used, but they could be matching.

The pat.appl.for stamp can be found on several "coffin" style cases, as I couldn't find it in databases my guess is Gillette tried to patent some aspect of the combi case, but the patent wasn't issued.