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Mystery hones... Let's see what you have


Working side, wet.
Curious looking stone isn't it. If it had come from the UK I'd say it was likely a Grecian, but they'd not be particularly common to find in the states.

Have you weighed it...?
Other than the fissures of darker rock (those are just visual) and splotches, it's bang on visually for a Thuri, same feel with water or oil. Did a SG water bath test on it and my other Thuri.
2.916 SG for my identified Thuri, and 2.89 SG for this new stone on the left.

I left them alone last night and they spawned a rubbing stone. Odd how that works. They just multiply. If it is a Grecian, then we've got some cross-breeding going on. The new stone is now 7.25" instead of 8".
2.29 SG for the big, and 2.32 for the small, which makes them both Washitas.

And this is presumably one of those Norton Pike Fastcut Hindostans, based on the fine layering and odd size they used for wooden boxed bench stones. 1 11/16" x 6". But, without a label, it's all speculation.

All in all, a good haul.
Curious looking stone isn't it. If it had come from the UK I'd say it was likely a Grecian, but they'd not be particularly common to find in the states.

Have you weighed it...?
I thought it could be a Grecian or a Yellow Lake/Llyn Idwal or other Welsh slate. It doesn't tick the boxes. Too high of an SG. Best guess is some second grade Thuri.
Bought this knife today for cutting vegetables of the plants in my garden and scraping beeswax from my hive. At first I thought the stone was a SiC stone and disregarded it. Layer in the day I began looking at the pictures more closely and once I really looked at the bottom one I'm not so sure now. Either way no skin off my nose but I'm curious about the brain trust's opinion. PS... i know these pictures suck but a lot of guy here can call them grease covered. I get lucky sometimes too but i don't know what this could be. Maybe an ark but that a pretty coarse rock for arkansas stones. I don't know. Color doesn't look right for it either.
Looks like a two sided synth to me. Bottom for sure synth. Top you'd have to clean up a bit to definitely ID, but the corners look powdery in a way that naturals you'd see on a two sider like that (arks) don't tend to get.
My suspicion would be PDSO or very well used Thuri. Sparkles Im seeing are the only thing that really suggests otherwise from the pictures... sparkles generally dont fit either.

Definitely post new pics after you clean and lap it up.
I'm going with Belgian Blue on the rectangular one. It doesn't resemble much of the BBW that you may see, but it reminds me of the blue side of this stone.

I don't recognize the bout.
I'd be more inclined towards Thuringian for the top stone. Dust from BBW is usually pink, red, or purple from the garnets, and I'm not seeing that in either the dust pile or the microscope pics. Grain size looks consistent for Thuri too, if that's around 100x.

As for the bout, no clue, other than it's unlikely to be a Thuri, with the color banding and swirls going on. Maybe a Grecian, or a PSDO.
The small one might be ein thüri but the big one, iiiiii dont know. It looked gunky and promising at the store, and the size felt suspicious... I was hoping for the Black Monolith, but so far, i havent evolved. It kinda looks like regular black schist, but very even in the surface, exept for one streak of white. Theres clear layering on the sides. No real bite while honing. But ok feeling.


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Good afternoon friends. I have two little rocks that I have wondered about ever since finding them. I think one (the thinner one) is Belgian Blue Slate, or close. The other I’m not so sure about

They came from Europe. Any help identifying them would be greatly appreciated.
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