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    The third is a keeper. I was oil soaked black when I got it. I bought it because is is heavy and dense for it size that is 9 x 2 1/8 x 1 inch thick. After a few days in the dip, out came a purple stone. It is not porous at all. No oil remained or leached out. Lapping shows a busy stone. It is on the hard side. It did not lap easily, took a while on a plate to level out. Orbs or green over the surface. There are bursts of orange and white scattered among the orbs. It might a New England stone but the pattern does not look familiar. It is a good looking stone. I put a SR upon and it delivered a impressive edge. Nicely polished and comfortable on the face. I like this rock

    37C7650D-7191-4D87-AC6B-D6A192A1A46B.jpeg DC8E0741-9661-4A1D-BEB7-4CECEFE62EE3.jpeg D13B8F28-5763-4689-AEA2-E213C1CB0266.jpeg 4899F522-1C16-414F-B729-787F35E6B537.jpeg 0412F035-705F-4A91-9FC3-ABD03A0A6ED8.jpeg
  1. Looks like kcb5150 Vos. Stone! Those are some nice stones. Very fast but very fine at the same time. I have a small one and would love to find a big one like that.
  2. Thanks. I can’t say if it is fast, have used it enough, but it is fine. When I get a purple stone, I think they could be the big three, Vermont, Welsh, or French for a origin location. It could be a Vosgienne, it does have a resemblance and 3-D effect.
  3. Had some extra time after my honey-do list today, time to lap one more. This is a strange rock. It measures 2x5x15/16. It has the heavy chamfer on three sides. One end was butchered cutting off a piece. One side is suffering from a bad case of bread-knifing. There are a few green spots, disregard, they are spots of paint. It has the weird, glazed, dipped in chocolate feel to it, nothing feels like it, unlike any other stones. It was medium hard lapping, not to hard, not to soft. Last picture lapped to 220 grit and still has a glazed feel to the surface. Might have some French pedigree to it also

    D2CFDD55-8069-4D4B-8917-40FE2A04BBE6.jpeg 0AE02259-4459-49E3-9259-F827D03A706C.jpeg 7B149FD3-A8EB-40FD-9518-7691D7F3FD25.jpeg EBE29D52-7C61-4091-9036-A2BBE1B7680C.jpeg A71E10EE-E03B-4C89-803C-8EAA908469FD.jpeg CB16B0B1-EFEB-4373-A539-54E46A61F601.jpeg
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  4. This is the hindo I was talking about. Has been in sg a long time. I need to plastic bag it and let it sweat for awhile. It was used on the banded sides and has a really tight grain for one of these. It's also more whitish tan than yellow. 20190630_001630.jpg 20190630_001633.jpg 20190630_001635.jpg 20190630_001907.jpg 20190630_001630.jpg 20190630_001633.jpg
  5. Lune, nice snatch.
  6. Good looking stone. It clean up nice.

    That what I feel it is. No label or stamp so it is all guess work. I refreshed one SR on it and got a very sharp edge. It was missing a small bit in comfortable but so far, I got three good shave out of it. I lapped it out to 600 grit and used oil.

    38293F14-A181-4B34-8125-6836D3483CF9.jpeg BBE60DE0-68E9-4884-8F40-D5571CC5C243.jpeg
  7. That's common for the one I have and it's labeled and stamped "extra fine"
    The third pic down on your first post the side looks like the remnant of the stamp, this is where you will find them.
    A rectangle with the words stamped inside in dark-black ink, easiest to see wet.
    Mine takes very few laps to finish, easy to go too far.
  8. I do see the what look like the remains of the box in the same picture. I thought it was wishful hoping for it to be there. I do have a Special Stone that at just the right angle, just the right amount of moisture, and just the right light, I can make out a few letters remaining of the extra fine. I did about 15 strokes on this stone to get a scary sharp edge. Under a loupe, the bevel looks funky with scratches, but it mowed down stubble
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    Is the Nantucket stone on eBay a charn?
  10. LI if I had to guess, personally. Unfortunately, a lot of ppl selling antiques use antique digital cameras so I am not 100%
  11. Don't think so... maybe a lynn idwal with those speckles. If you want I'll carve 1787 in one of my patio stones and sell it to ya for $749, though.
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    There once was a hone from Nantucket...
  13. LJS


    Here is something I would like help with. Tool or scythe stone that I got in a lot and didn’t put any thought into. Cleaned it a bit and was surprised to find it seemed natural. Like a mica schist that you can find here in the SE but finer. Immediately reminded me of a Pyrenees stone I have and wanted to see what you folks thought. Thanks in advance. B3CDB21F-ACEF-4C31-BCD8-3BC8055ED8E9.jpeg B5F69056-AD6B-4805-8653-019D4011C6EF.jpeg EF8955E1-541C-46A0-AFC9-BE6B54443B2A.jpeg 2BF25EB4-B037-445F-A07E-F4194C4890C5.jpeg 9EBE57BB-0077-48C8-8DDE-41E49169B1F2.jpeg
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    Here is one more please. I have been assuming it was a hard Arkansas. Can’t seem to get all the oil and swarf stains out but haven’t lapped or surfaced either. No translucency at all. One side you can see is worn and undulating but smooth which is why I thought hard. But you all have seen many more stones than me so thought I would post it up and ask. Maybe I was way off and not an Ark at all or maybe you will tell me a white Washita or something that would surprise me. It is pretty dense and hard like other known hard Arks that I have and not very porous or fractal like soft arks I have had. Smooth grain and not sandy. Opinions welcome ! 6104DB16-721F-49C4-A8C7-8965A61EB9DE.jpeg 847CE320-125B-4A56-8233-FE03D6420CCA.jpeg 9C49AA5E-CAF0-42A2-B6C8-218FD0105CE8.jpeg 0A30D210-D95D-4445-B781-A1B8095D1D10.jpeg 6EF94AD9-1C1B-4B2B-8912-9E7AD625052D.jpeg
  15. Yeah it’s a washita. Could easily be a lily white but no knowing without a label.
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    713A31AF-F9E4-4BC6-A517-20429DD9E839.jpeg BF51B5C3-7483-45DF-BAD3-EE6CD5E672FA.jpeg DE29A863-5B00-4F75-A0EB-1935FC54A6A1.jpeg BEDD1107-B99A-4455-B0C3-4980CDD486BC.jpeg Thanks for the input. Spent a little time with some SIC and got all the undulation out on the side that had been used heavily. Degreased and clean up the little wooden coffin it has been buried in for some decades. No inclusions or seams and nice cut of stone but not very white and plenty of mottled color.
  17. Soak it in some Simple Green if you want it whiter. Mottling may come back afterward as the old rancid oil migrates back to the surface.
  18. LJS first one looks like a Pike's Black Diamond.
    Second one a very nice and old Wahita. Very even throughout the whole stone. Nice find! Love the look of those old carved out boxes.
  19. LJS


    Thanks. I typed white washita in my first post but said that as the far end of the spectrum. Didn’t really expect confirmation. Was happy with it before but glad to know. I think I have about $8 in it so I can live without a label if it performs like what I have heard.

    I will put it back in a simple green soak and see what happens.

    I will also look up that Black Diamond. Thank you for that tip. I have 10 or 12 inch Pyrénées and I was surprised how similar it looked.

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