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Mystery Edge Blades?

Hannah's Dad

I Can See Better Than Bigfoot.
Anyone ever try one of these?


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Check Out Chick
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Never heard of them before, but if you take one for the team, I am behind you all the way.

Hannah's Dad

I Can See Better Than Bigfoot.
Okay, I took one for the team and shaved this morning with one of these cool LOOKING blades. Loaded it into my 1917 Single Ring, prepped as usual and lathered with the reliably stellar B&M Reserve Fern soap.

I had to take a very shallow angle with the razor, and the blade was very harsh. As a former daily R41 user, I don’t mind blade feel — but this was just too much blade feel for my liking. After the first pass, I could swear I had MORE stubble on my face. I surmised that I was too light on the touch, so went across the grain on a second pass with a heavier hand. I rinsed again and, alas, still had lots of stubble. I decided to pass on pass number 3, as I felt quite fortunate to still have lips and a jaw.

Even though I still had plenty of stubble on my face, the Skin Bracer splash elicited plenty of inexplicable burn. Verdict: the mystery is solved — these blades are terrible and now we know why there’s little known about them.

I still have a few boxes of these blades, and if someone wants them, come and claim them. I’ll merrily send them your way, along with a 4 page waiver of liability form in case the recipient decides to sue me for damages (including loss of facial recognition, consortium and other damages that exceed Arbitration limits).

Ron R

I survived a lathey foreman
Cool looking blade, in it's brand new state in the 1940's some one mentioned it more than likely was a reasonable blade to use 1-3 shaves?
Older blades oxidize a little over the years and lose some edge depending where they were kept IMO.
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