Myrsol Metilsol?

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    Has anyone used this? I've seen it mentioned in one specific thread previously and there's very little info on it. I've heard rave recommendations from others that use Agua de Limon and Agua Balsamica, but the others don't seem to get a lot of review either way. In fact, there aren't too many reviews on Myrsol products in general - none in the Reviews section.

    I'm wondering if the Metilsol is worth picking up or if two bottles of Speick would work about the same. I'd like to get in a good AS order before I go into a shave purchase sabbatical for 2013.

    If it matters, I'm also curious about the Blue, Formula C, and Formula F/Extra. Again, there doesn't seem to be much about them on B&B besides a post or two.

    Thanks in advance!
  1. Ah.... I use this after EVERY shave. I'll tell you why. It has potassium alum in it. It's like a super astringent. Very high in alcohol as well from what I can tell (and feel). If you have any irritation, burn, weeper, nicks.... you will know it when you apply this stuff. It stings like crazy.... but it kills all the nasties, closes up the pores, and for me, leaves my face soft and smooth. As with almost all of the Myrsol aftershaves, it's high in menthol.... so you get a nice cool rush after the stinging subsides. Another characteristic of the Myrsol line of aftershaves is their very simple formulations. Most of them have about a half a dozen ingredients at the most.... and you can easily pronounce all of them. The Metilsol I use right after the cold water rinse and just before my regular aftershave splash of the day. Many would say this is overkill.... but it works for me. I could see where the Metilsol splash may not be for everyone, but if you can tolerate the high alcohol splashes, don't mind the sting of alum, and like the cool freeze of menthol.... this is for you.

  2. Didn't know that the Metilsol has menthol, but I was able to find a picture of the back of a bottle.

    How does the Metilsol compare against Speick AS? The splash, not the balm.
  3. Having used both, I think the Metilsol is not nearly as soothing as Speick AS, but the alum in both makes for good skin healing characteristics. Metilsol absolutely smells better than Speick, it's very natural and pleasant, lacking that cheap cologne scent that Speick presents.
  4. I'd say that the Metilsol is definitely more intense feeling. Speick has a much better scent IMO. The Metilsol is sort of a medicinal smell.... not unpleasant to my nose, but it's not your typical "nice smelling aftershave splash" like I would say about Speick. Speick could be used as a substitute for this in many ways given all of the skin goodies in the Speick splash. I'm a huge fan of Speick as well mind you.... and when someone asks the crazy question "what's the best aftershave splash?" I will quickly reply "Speick"..... even though YMMV as we all know. I buy Metilsol by the liter from Gifts & Case and therefore is pretty reasonably priced. But I have to buy in bulk to make the shipping cost worthwhile. I'd say if you're happy with Speick then you're probably not getting too much extra with the Metilsol.... but if you're looking to try something a little different that achieves similar results.... then the Metilsol would be a great alternative to Speick. Like I said, the scent of Speick blows away the scent of Metilsol..... but YMMV.

  5. When I say "more intense".... I mean the burn factor and menthol factor are much higher than Speick.

  6. Oh, got it. I think I'll pass on the Metilsol then this time. I enjoy Speick AS a lot and at this point have a few other products in the cart to try out first.

    Based on this, should I stay away from everything except the Agua Balsamica? I tend to like lower-menthol products; I enjoy Floid Suave instead of Floid Vigoroso, for instance.
  7. I can't compare with Speick, but I have used Metilsol. As others say, it's very astringent and leaves my skin feeling nicely clean and tight. It also has a medicinal smell, in a pleasant kind of way. It's not the kind of AS I'd want to use every day, but if I should feel a bit of irritation then it's one that works well.
  8. Yes, if you don't enjoy menthol, I would say that most of the Myrsol aftershaves are not for you. IMO they are not face freezers.... any of them.... but you can definitely tell the menthol is there. If you enjoy the scent of lavender.... the Agua Balsamica is wonderful.

  9. The order of Agua Balsamica arrived today. It smells like a rosemary bush. :lol: I'll have to give this a run sometime soon.

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