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Myrsol Blue shaving cream. Destroyer of worlds.

I just recieved my tub of the Blue cream today and, well. It ruined my favourite synth brush (PAA Atomic Rocket). Now, I don’t know if I got a ”monday product” but firstly the darn thing wouldn’t lather. I don’t have hard water or xenomorph acid coming out of my tap and i’ve never had any problems lathering anything before. I initially scooped some out and spread it around the bowl. Started swirling with a damp brush and ended up creating really nice smelling water. Ok. More product. Nothing. Ok. Load the brush from tub with a vengeance, having the same expression on my face as the T-1000. Started to swirl in the bowl and tada. Lather. As thin as a politicians promise. Ok, screw it. I’ll just use it as a nice smelling pre shave. Started to wash my brush and noticed a thick waxy residue. Kept washing under warm water. Still there. No soap but alot of wax and gunk. Added som dish soap, no bueno.

soaked the brush in warm water filled with dish soap for 30 min. Still waxy. Covered the brush with conditioner and let it sit for an hour (used to use oil based pomades and this worked to degrease my hair from an unholy amount of grease and it always worked). Still thick with a waxy residue. I also noticed that my sink was covered with the fallout from this ******* of a soap.

Thank you Myrsol. Thank you for adding battle ship hull wax to my collection and thank you for murdering my brush in cold blood. Needless to say, I wont smear this on my face.

Anyone with the same experience?
Haven't tried Myrsol Blue but the ingredient list is pretty simple and doesn't seem to have anything remote to wax.

Ingredients: Aqua, Stearic Acid, Potassium Hydroxide, Cocos, Nucifera, Sodium Hydroxide, Lanolin, Glycerin, Parfum
I figuered that something was awry with soap, hence the ”monday-product” comment. And I suspected that the added fats and waxes were the destroyers of (my) world(s). Just curious if this was a common thing with this cream. Thank you all for your replies.

I’m gonna try a degreasing shampoo and se if it helps. If that does not help then i’ll tie the soap and brush behind my car and drag them around the neighborhood like Achilles when he parades the corpse of Hector. That’ll show em.


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My Dad would just use turpentine.

And when that didn't work, gasoline.

And when that didn't work, he'd lay it in the side yard, pour a little gas on it, step back two steps (maybe one, he was forgetful), light up a Pall Mall, smoke exactly half of if, and drop the cigarette on the brush.
I'm not sure about synths but honestly just use a bit of hand soap or something and whip it up in your hand. With time I found the staining of colour from rose and lavender products just came out of my boar brush.
pure lanolin is a heck of a waxy product, can’t believe it was not fully incorporated into the soap.
Myrsol makes great aftershaves - in fact they are my favorites. But I have never tried their soaps
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Everyone is making too much of this. Most brush cleaning soaps are just pure coconut oil soaps with enough sodium hydroxide to firm it up. As are many shaving soaps.

Want to keep your razor, brush, sink, bowl rinsing clean? Use Martin de Candre. Or ABC. Or AdP, or 3p.
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