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I went to some countries in europe and made an effort to get some shaving products as mementos.
Italy was first and I got 3 tubes of Proraso shave cream, a soap and pre shave cream for the price I can get one tube posted to me in Oz. :) $DSC02727.jpg

I also managed to get a Mastro Livi razor while there (that story in the straight razor section)
I also piced up my first shavette in Vienna
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Then off to Paris.
This was ironic
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Then off to Planete Rasior
Some pics of the shop (The gorgeous girl is my wife ;)
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Anyone for a brush? :)
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The guy was super helpful, and his English wasnt half bad.
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The visit was real fun especially after picking up a French razor in the country of origin!
And a big tube of Martin De Candre, possibly one of the best shaving soaps ever.

Via Austria for some German products (close, they speak the language:) )
(These are just great and smell amazing. So nice to use cream, lotion and balm of the same product back to back)

Finally then moved on to England for my final acquisition of some good Pommy products. :)

All in all a great score I should think. Also nice to get most of them in their country of origin.
I luuuuv good quality products. :D

Thanks for sharing, Simon. I lived vicariously through your photos!

I use Speick AS lotion and love it, but I'm very fond of the idea of picking up all of my favorite things (and some new things) from their countries of origin. Some souvenirs sit on shelves. Not these. They are used and enjoyed! Ah, delightful! If I had money to burn, I wouldn't spend it on houses and cars. It'd be a combination of giving to causes and traveling.

Thanks again for the photos and your account!
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