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My wife thinks I should start a Youtube wet shaving channel

So, the other day, Im going through my Youtube subscritions and I come across one of Kensurf's videos. Im watching it when my wife walks into the roof. She wasnt impressed with Ken and to be fair, it probably wasnt his best video ever (it was the one where he tests the DSC Executive).
She says to me, "you should start a channel. Youre way cuter and more charming than that guy and you could make a lot of money doing it."
I explained to her, I maybe could after I developed a following but then I would have to use all different gear all the time, would probably have to test out gear that just isnt very good and it would become a job, instead of just a hobby.
So, no, I dont see myself starting a shaving channel any time soon. Im sure that my wife will come up with another get rich quick scheme for me though. Last year she wanted to start out own church and have me be the pastor...


It’s a lot harder than it seems to make money off YouTube. To monetize your channel you need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in a 12 month period. Just for starters.