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My wife likes to use my 39c a second time.

Yesterday morning my wife asked me if she could use my 39c Sledgehammer again. I think she is really warming to that razor.

I may get her the 37c for her birthday if she likes my razor that much! If it saves a fortune on blades and she likes the comfortable shaves then it’s a win win all round.

Wouldn't she miss the long handle (with the 37C being about an inch shorter than the 39C)?
Good point. I’ll ask her if she prefers the length of the 39c or if she prefers a shorter handle afterwards.

My wife LOVES my old Fusion razor and only goes thru a blade every few months. She’s lucky I bought a ton of them on sale a few years ago at Costco. She still has a couple dozen left.

She has no interest in wetshaving, but maybe if I buy her a Blackland Vector or a Wolfman, she might. If not, I guess I will have to keep it. 😜
Thank you for all of your kind remarks. Now I am wondering if SHE is going to embark on a quest for the perfect blade!

Having said that given my experience with a few blades I will let her use one of my more forgiving blades like a Merkur. I won’t allow her to use a Feather yet until she has full confidence in using the razor.

On a side note if she really warms to the razor then it also enables us to cut down on plastic use even further.

A couple of you mentioned lathering. At the moment she uses ordinary shower gel when she uses her Gillette Venus, but I did suggest that she uses proper shaving cream for better results. I wonder if there’s any feminine shaving creams that work well with DE razors.

ow I am wondering if SHE is going to embark on a quest for the perfect blade!
I would get her some Med Preps or Labs to try. They are slightly narrower than other blades and significantly narrower than Astras that people grab first as mild blades. This will reduce blade exposure without reducing efficiency. Oh I just remembered you have Stars I think, that would be a good compromise!
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