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My Whisky Collection


Not only do I have an interest in shaving products, I also have a collection of whiskies.
All the above are full and unopened. Mainly malts, some blends, some grains, one Welsh but otherwise all Scottish. There are some more that won't fit on the shelves, so in total I have around 50-55. The only recent addition is a Loch Lomond which I bought at a shop near Turnberry (Trump Turnberry) Golf Course this year. The rest I have had many years.
My previous shelf fell down about 10 years ago and I lost a couple of decent bottles, typically they were the more expensive ones. None of my collection are particularly rare or expensive in whisky terms though.
The reason I'm not drinking them is that I don't really need to. What happens is that people know of my interest in whisky, so for Christmas and birthdays and when I meet up with old friends they tend to give me a bottle of Scotch.
Now, as you will no doubt appreciate, other people's limited knowledge of the subject can mean that I am given all sorts of blends and varieties that I am not necessarily interested in. So I drink them, and keep the ones I want to keep. Eventually I will start drinking them all but in the short term I don't need to.
I know, and I worry about my razors too. I'm the only one in the family who knows the value of my vintage razors and some of my more expensive modern ones. It's a problem. I would educate people but they're really not interested.
People have changed. If my Father had a collection of just about anything, I think I would have shown an interest because we didn't have phones, computers, tablets or any money to be honest. One thing that really annoys me about some younger people is that they really have no idea how rich they are compared with my childhood. Don't start me off!!!! I had two paper rounds, cleaned cars at a local garage, and worked on a farm at weekends and I was barely a teenager.
That is why you shouldnt lie to your wife about the cost of your toys... cause when you die she will say ‘you can have them, they didnt cost much and we need to clean up, take the rolex too’
Do you think watches have a future?.... The wearable tech people suggest not. (Sorry to change the subject).
Well noticed. No Lagavulin. Never able to quite track it down at the right price. I have quite often waited for special offers or discounts on certain brands and Lagavulin never seems to be reduced. Similar to Christian Dior fragrances, it's always full price.
Nice! I have a small collection of 22 bottles. Mostly unopened but I recently started to indulge. I started with a goal of 18 bottles two years ago. I resisted opening any till I reached my goal. I have multiple bottles of some of my favorite ones. Such as Balvenie 12, Oban 14, Lagavulin 16. I never want to run out of those. I drink blends usually and save my single malts for weekends or special occasions.

What is the cost of Lagavulin 16 in the U.K.? In California it goes for $65.

Every once and a while I'll get a coupon for $10 off a $50 purchase from a large wine and liquor store. That's when I will splurge on something extra nice. I have my eyes on Oban Little Bay next time I get my hands on a coupon.
Like most things in life Scotch is best shared with a friend and fellow enthusiast. Conversation ensues if even just about the nuances of the drink in hand. Cheers and enjoy that nice collection. !! :a54:
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