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My very first restore and rescale in camel bone.

I just attempted a my first restore and scale replacement on a W&B I thought would look good in black or white. I have had it for over two years until I got the nerve to give it a go. It was a square point and had a 1/8" chip in the front and 1/16" chip on the edge so that was the first thing to be corrected. I wanted Ivory but could not find any vintage one's so I gave up and settled on camel and giraffe. I have gained a admiration for these two. They have a very nice look in my opinion.
Cut out my design and as you can see made some changes.
I remember reading many comment that bone can be brittle. I wanted a thin wedge that was more tapered so I decided to put a small bow in the scales in order to accommodate this.
Picked out some brass hardware.
Now all I had to do is dress her up!
The wedge took a little more time to figure out but not too hard. In the end I went with brass and like it.DSC01271.JPG
I beveled the edges on the scales and think it made the scales look a lot better. I liked the results but it still needs a polish! I got another set of camel bone and looking for giraffe ones for my next couple of projects.
Thank you very much I am very happy with the results. It is my first so I took my time. I think it was well worth my time in the end. Shaves very good too!

Chan Eil Whiskers

Fumbling about.
Seriously good job of it, and not just for a first time effort. I'm amazed at how beautiful and professional looking your project turned out. You don't want to see my early attempts. I have no idea how you learned all the skills without messing up a few attempts.

Happy shaves,

I worked as a machinist from 94 to 99 and that has helped me out in many aspects. That and all the great information past on by very skilled members just make it a little easier.
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