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My trip to the L'Occitane store...

Hi all -

This evening I stopped by an incredibly upscale mall that is close to my office. The reason? Well, the L'Occitane website said that they had a retail location there.

Sure enough - I found the place and went in to check out the men's EdT's side by side. I was REALLY interested in trying their Vetyver, but alas, they were out. The nice salesperson told me that they've been promised more in the last two deliveries, but it never seems to show up.

So, I proceed to let her know that I'm a member of this website where we discuss all types of shaving products, etc. Then, she tells me that she saw a segment on the "Today Show" a while back about wet shaving and that she had a lot of folks that came in after they saw it as well and ask a bunch of questions, etc.

We talked for a while and I gave her this website to refer folks to. She wrote it down and said that she would LOVE to have a place to refer her customers with questions...:001_smile Then she starts to ask about brushes, as they know their travel brush stinks. Then it was DE's, then different shave soaps and creams, etc. She said that she'd been referring people to Crabtree & Evelyn for information, but now she'll send there HERE!

I even told her how much I love her CADE line of products but that they need to make the metal bowl bigger to avoid spillage, etc. She was really interested and promised that she would relay this information to the proper folks. She said that L'Occitane is very serious about their "shaving customers" and that they would like to know these things.

All in all - it was a great visit with a salesperson who was SERIOUSLY interested in learning about wetshaving and it's related products, etc. Also nice, was how interested she was in what we thought of L'Occitane in general and what they could do to make their products better.

In the end, I ended up buying the "L'Occitan" EdT - as to my nose it was the best (excluding the Vetyver). GREAT stuff and a great visit.


Was it the one at Sommerset Mall? I was just there for the first time a couple of weeks ago and picked up a sample of their Cade Shaving Cream. Pleasant scent but a bit on the thin side for me.

If you walked down a few stores, there is a Sephora there as well that carries L'Occtaine.

It was Sommerset, indeed!

I have not heard much good about their shave cream. However, the soap is phenominal.
Sounds like a great discussion, Howard. Perhaps we should brand you the "B&B Evangelist" :wink:

As for their scents, I love the Vetyver, and I also really like the Eau de Badian (anise, etc.). The others I didn't care for.
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