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My Start, Borne of Generosity

This is a great read, and what a lovely gift to give someone.
Pasted balsa does indeed give futuristic sharpness, but sharpening steel on a little piece of ancient seabed for your morning shave really puts you in touch with your inner caveman.
I have a jnat which I love although I don’t know it’s age. But I’ve got some Welsh slate which supposedly dates from 500 million years ago.
That’s before vertebrates evolved, before there was a single blade of grass on the black rock of the Earth.
And that scent from the slurry takes some beating, especially knowing that it’s been locked inside a stone time capsule since long before the dinosaurs existed.
And now you can smell what the earth was like half a billion years ago. Such freshness!
Those stones are the coolest things I own and It’s a privilege to sharpen my razors on them.
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