My (SixCats!) Cologne recommendation to those who love Pinaud Lilac Vegetal

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by SixCats!, Apr 23, 2019.

    Hi all,

    I recently purchase and have tired Pinaud Lilac Vegetal "Aftershave" and quite like this Splash. Almost immediately upon first wearing, it reminded me (in some respects) of one of my VERY favorite (also French) Cologne EdT which is not only one of my TOP 10 Fragrances due to it's wonderful uniqueness but, also due to it's very reasonable price! I am speaking of The House of CARON and the Fragrance I speak of is none other than "YATAGAN". Yatagan (like Pinaud Lilac Vegetal) is no doubt a somewhat acquired taste. I fully admit (being known at since 2003) for my love of (what some would call) rather weird/unique/off beat/strange/stinky/odd/rank/challenging/daring/etc. taste in Fragrances.
    I LOVE these unique/different types of Fragrances and the bulk of my Fragrance collection reflects these type of Scents. At any rate, should your taste in Fragrances be somewhat adventurous, give CARON "YATAGAN" a try! (you can thank me later).


  1. Ad Astra

    Ad Astra Ambassador

    I have it. Someone mentioned a "hash pipe note," good for a second sniff!

  2. Yatagan makes a person smell like a walking celery stalk. I even had a vintage bottle which was worse. :eek:
  3. Bhugo

    Bhugo Contributor

    I used to like it a lot. I have not been wearing it much lately. Soooo I’m selling my bottle on the bst right now. It is a formidable scent!
  4. Hi all,

    @Ad Astra , @Bogeyman , @Bhugo ,

    Ummmm, "Hash Pipe" note eh ? My memory is not what it use to be however, I can believe that note!

    Bogey, lol, I've heard/read the "Celery" note often. I take it you no longer own that bottle of "vintage" Yatagan ?

    As I said, "Yatagan" in an acquired taste. Bhugo, that funny, years ago (early 2000's) I owned a bottle of "Yatagan".

    I sort of liked it however (me being a newbie Fragrance junkie) I swapped away my bottle in favor of something else.

    Today (some fifteen years later) I so appreciate "Yatagan" and I can't imagine it not being close at Hand.


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