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My shoes are running amok!


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I just looked around the man cave (where I typically spend my waking hours) and it seems my shoes are taking over. Next to my chair, in front of the “entertainment center”. Under the end table. This doesn’t include the 4 or 5 pair I have in the closest, they are being good though.

And just for good measure - on my feet. What’s a guy to do!







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I fell down the shoe rabbit hole a couple of years ago. For me, it was due to trying to figure out my transition to a disabled lifestyle from the ground up. Literally. Out with the trainers, and steel toe caps, and in with.... everything else, trying to figure out what works and what doesn't.

For the most part, they are well behaved though, and stowed in the wardrobe. Dress shoes in the boxes they arrived in, and all the boots and more comfortable shoes are ready to grab and go.

I have five pairs of footwear out, next to the chair in my bedroom. Currently, that's two brown pairs of slip-on shoes, a pair of black derbys (bluchers I think some might call them), a pair of deck shoes, and a pair of slippers.

Every so often, one or more pairs gets swapped, but generally they are "about the house", putting out the rubbish, and for nipping to the nearest shops. If I'm straying much beyond the end of the road for any reason (which for me, is only a few times a month), I'll reach into the wardrobe and grab whatever seems best, and they usually get put back within a day or two.


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Shoe rack help, but my experience with any storage is that the supply eventually exceeds the available storage space. I have three shelves on the rack in the walk in closet (counting the floor) and still have shoes under the bed and amok.
I love footwear man! Let's see....

3xCowboy boots
4xOther boots
2xTraining shoe
2Xcap toe

I can see that it's starting to add up when I write it down like this...
I have a new pair of Red wing moc toes and another new pair from them I haven't even tried on from last year. Work paid for them mostly. Leather is destroyed at my job so even my Franks logger boots still look good. My Jim Greens are great and really recommend those. I need a pair of cowboy boots but haven't even looked to see who still makes good ones. I grew up with those as Sunday church wear. My grandfather had shark skin cowboy boots back in the 80's, he also was at Normandy and wore an Omega lol. Big boots to fill. Anyone recommend a great cowboy boot maker? Last time I was in Nashville it was overwhelming and tourist y . Oh and I'm need some of the new PF flyers if they are any good.
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