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My shaving display on a budget..

I went to the local depot today and picked up some materials to build a shelf for my shaving stuff. I plan to add a nice case for my straights as well within the next week. Also got a nice chrome hook for my strop to hang from. Got all materials for about 20.00 total and about 25 minutes of time. Anyways here it is.
Very nice. I'm designing a small cabinet to hold my stuff. It will be more of a hobby project than your extremely practical setup.
I love it! I'm currently in a fifth wheel..... Ok.... i have been in a fifth wheel for four years now. I don't have much room for stuff, but I have been thinking about building a shelf, or getting a spice rack for my after shaves.......
It looks fantastic great job and a bargain too!

Exactly how i would have fitted it as well (brackets sitting on the wall tiles)

do you actually use the barbicide? Or is it just for visual effect?

From wikipedia

"According to Ben King, son of the inventor, Maurice named the solution Barbicide because "He hated barbers. Barbicide meant 'to kill the barber'. It was his secret joke." [1] At one time, its use in barber shops was mandated by law - by name - in several US states; it still is in two."
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I have been on a razor buying frenzy as of late it seems, so the barbicide gets used pretty much daily! Plus I like the "barbershop" look it kinda adds, I have since added several straights to the display. :thumbup:
Is that black bowl an ikea bowl? If so, I have the same thing ;)

Blue exterior, lime-green interior. And a boar brush next to it.

I'd recognize that set anywhere. I have the same.

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