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My second ever cream.. what should I get?

My first ever English Cream tub is almost kaput. Its a T&H 1805 that has been with me in the last days of the Mach 3, and has been with me through the first leg of the journey that has been the DE Merkur Progress.

What should I replace it with? What are your "go to" creams?

I'm thinking about Taylor's Avocado, which I've read great things about, but am open to other suggestions!

If you like the scent of 1805, you'll *love* J.Peterman's 1903.
T&H's Trafalgar or Grafton are also nice.
Trumper's Violet is very popular.
Have you emailed Trumper and T&H for samples of their creams?

T&H sent me a sample of 1805, which I already had :) I havent tried their others. I'm happy with the T&H, but i think it mat be because I dont have much to compare it to. Its the only one they had at ME, when I decided to get into shaving beyond the Mach3+Zirh shave gel.

Trumpers sent me some samples that I thought were fairly good, but nothing to WOW me to the point of saying I needed to get a tub right away. The sandalwood, limes, and coconut were nice. I'm not a huge fan of the rose and violet scents (I know so many are, its just not not my thing, i endd up using those samples on the fiance's legs). I prefer the getting a kick of "fresh" rather than "calming" when it comes to scents.
I really like the proraso......it has a great scent as well as great cool feeling on the skin and you get a ton for the price.

You are going to get SO many answers and opinions on this, so take my advice. Call Charles at QED and order one of everything!

I have Taylor's Mr. Taylor, Shaving Shop, St. James Collection, Almond and the Avocado. I plan to try the Avocado tomorrow. Ashfords has great prices on the T&H creams, and I just ordered the Trafalgar and the 1805. And Proraso...damn fine stuff.

I would recommend going with Proraso and any of the tubs of Taylors. That would approximate about what you spent on the 1805, and you would have two choices. Of course, a trip to Wal Mart lets you add a cake of Williams Shave Soap for less than a buck!

Yep...just call and order one of each. :001_tt2:

rtaylor61 said:
Yep...just call and order one of each. :001_tt2:

I'd like to, but he might get mad when my account overdraws :)

So yeah, the budget calls for only one right now. Taylors looks like its gonna get the nod because of the great price. I can also pick it up from classicshaving and not have to wait a week for shipping.

so the almond, avocado, or other taylors differ in terms of their lubrication, moisturizing, lather, etc? which one is best in these regards?
Sure do enjoy Shaving Shop.. ETON College is nothing to turn down either....
What a delicious dilemma... :confused:
Jeftichew said:
I prefer the getting a kick of "fresh" rather than "calming" when it comes to scents.
In that case, Castle Forbes Limes. Insanely expensive but the sweet, intense lime scent will knock your socks off.

For a more reasonably-priced alternative, Proraso Eucalyptus.

guenron said:
Sure do enjoy Shaving Shop.. ETON College is nothing to turn down either....
What a delicious dilemma... :confused:
The two Taylor's standards that I would never go without. Proraso is excellent as well. One cream that gets little discussion here is Salter's. I find this to be my go to cream. I've only tried the mint scent--but damn fine stuff. Best of luck trying to pick just one :smile:
If your tub will last you a couple of weeks, send emails to T&H and Taylors requesting the creams for you to try. As for Taylors, Shave quality wise you would probably be happy with all of them. (Avocado maybe getting the slight advantage) The decision will be based on scent which is a personal preference. All of their scents are pleasant, you might just like a couple of them better then others. Good luck choosing one...too bad you couldn't register for the wedding with Charles at QED...or could you?
so many to choose from... i think I'll wait to see whats in th B&B swap box before placing any orders...
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